Loving Psyche coaches people to tap into their core selves, and life experience, identify their directions, and take the necessary steps to realise them.

Whether it is new directions, changes that they need to make, or changes that are imposed on them, coachees are going on a journey. Sometimes that may mean taking a leap of faith into unchartered waters. This could be a small step, or a very large one. In either case each step is significant. I work alongside coachees to help make those steps as smooth as possible.

Using my Loving Psyche Mandala of Coaching I help people through personal, career, and corporate transition to get them back on course, for a life that is better for them, and has a positive impact on your organisation.

SaraSwati Shakti, Loving Psyche is a prequalified supplier for training and coaching services for NSW Government and Local Government agencies.

Loving Psyche is a great resource to:

  • help manage significant work/career issues
  • move you to thinking about the big picture not just the current situation
  • help heal emotional hurt and develop the go forward plan.

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