Loving Psyche Coaching Programs

Loving Psyche coaching programs are for professionals who are experiencing change and transition, and wish to embark on revitalised lives and careers.

Core Clarity
Offers three sessions of coaching to gain clarity for key decision-making in life and career. It is particularly useful for people who are confused about their circumstances and wish to confidentially speak with someone who is independent, and objective, to assist them to make decisions, set directions, develop actions and/or plans to motivate them.
Transition Essentials
This program offers six sessions of coaching. It incorporates key deliverables for transition, dependent on the coachee’s needs and priorities, and can include self-discovery, setting objectives and directions, resume development, job-seeking and interviewing, personality assessment, strength identification, and personal branding.
Total Transition
Twelve sessions of coaching that builds on the tangibles in the Transition Essentials Program and provides ongoing practical change tools and deeper support for personal development and transformation. This program is particularly beneficial for senior executives, people who have had significant tenure in the organisation (over 5 years), employees experiencing mid life/career review and exploring wider options, or those needing more assistance.
Loving Leadership
A twelve session coaching program to support executives, managers, and team leaders leading themselves and others through change. It is particularly useful for people moving into a new role, people transitioning into leadership positions, leaders who are leading others through change, and those who wish to work holistically with a coach to keep themselves in top form.
SaraSwati Shakti, Loving Psyche is a prequalified supplier for training and coaching services for NSW Government and Local Government agencies.
Sara helps me to look at myself and others from a different perspective.  I always leave with plenty to think about.  Sometimes it gives me a greater sense of clarity; I came into the process with no expectations.  I had always thought that it would be great to talk things through with a therapist.  I don’t like to bottle up feelings of resentment, grief, guilt etc. and believe it is unhealthy to do so.  Sara helped me to express these feelings and in doing this to work through them.

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