Never was there a more powerful and universal teacher than art; and great is the influence we exert in the world through its mysterious language, the meaning of which, while often incomprehensible to the intellect, seldom fails to reach the soul

Will L. Garvan

I love this quote because it resonates a trueness to my experience, both as an artist, and a viewer of the artistic process. 

Art became a very powerful tool for me during a period of great transformative shift. Informing me of my soul’s language during changes in my life circumstances, and identity. A visual and poetic experience from mindful, heartfelt practice.
And a solace, from the demands of life’s distractions. 
And it has become an ongoing gift. A way to enter a meditative state, to connect to my spirit, the soul of my being, and creation. 
A way to listen to my inner language, and to tune into the voice of the collective. Some pieces emerged during spiritual intensives, some from natural immersives, and others from workshops with other pathfinders on their own discoveries.
Most were from entering a flow of imperative, from my soul’s urgings. 
Art has taught me about my deep, inner, soul.
And has reflected a meaning for others who were seeing it, because, in a way, we each touch a similar process. 
The language of colour and symbol, in a visual, can create a point of spark that ignites a soulful understanding from our own unique perspectives, that cannot be gained through another form of communicative.
Since embarking on art as transformation, it has become my mission to share it.
Its rawness, and it’s interpretative, as a poetic visual, with complimentary verbiage has started a dialogue with many people I meet.
Others who are going on their own transformative journeys of self-discovery, and identity, see them as a form of inspiration, reflection, and/or self-examination.
I have hundreds of drawings waiting to be revealed. Some so precious and personal an inner conversation that I have kept them hidden, and others that just need further development, as I produce them.
And each time I do, I hesitate, as it puts out to the marketplace, a piece of myself that opens me to what others see as their interpretive of my life and circumstances. While I occasionally reveal what they mean to me, my intention is that they stand alone, as a personal inspiration, for the viewer experiencing it, or for the collective, adopting it.  
Heart Art mandala’verse™ was my first foray into revealing how art and words provide a powerful experience.  Since then, art has continued as a life practice when my soul needs to be heard. I have continued to use the mandala, the eternal symbol, or circle, of self-awareness, as an evolving life process.
This next series of mandalas from the now trademarked mandala’verse™ collection is the first release in the broader public that I have been posting on various media channels recently.
I hope you enjoy them here:

One Small Step
Or One Giant Leap
A Whole World Awaits
At Your Feet
Create a Well Spring
Of Loving
Sorting, Your Becoming
With Grace, and Care, and Ease
On the Seas of Change
And the Shifting Sands
Steadily Focus, On the Horizon
Where Love Light Grow’est
Due Centre
Keep the Focus
On the Path
Of Heart Locus

One Spark
Lights Another
As Love Sows
So Inspiration Grows
Share the Music
Of Your Heart
And Walk
Your Wonder Path
Ascend Illumined
Between Earth and Sky
Linking Matter, with Soul on High
Your Spirit Lifted, a Joyful Freedom Fly
Wheel of Time
Life Divine

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