Sara has this innate insight and ability to connect with you in a way that helps you take responsibility for the world you create for yourself.  Through her nurturing process, she helps you accept your past, supports your present and encourages you to design your future to be a true reflection of who you really are and what truly gives you joy.  They say that your greatest self has been waiting for you your whole life – don’t make it wait any longer – I encourage you to consider Sara helping you be the best version of yourself.


Governance Specialist

Sara is an extremely gifted Coach.

I regularly refer to Sara those employees who are faced with a role change or redundancy. They are usually feeling vulnerable and uncertain of their next career step. Sara quickly gains their confidence. She is able to read the level of assistance each person requires whether it is simple pragmatic guidance or more reflection on future direction and aspirations. In this case she guides them to develop more self awareness, to be more attuned to their emotions, their wants and needs in determining their next life and career steps.

Sara is recognised in the business for her ability to offer the perfect balance between presenting in a highly professional manner whilst offering care, understanding, compassion and encouragement.


HR Consulting

Sara brings a rare combination of pragmatism and deep empathy which contributes to successful solutions for a range of clients. Her significant senior executive experience enables Sara to work especially well with the most senior executives, but her care, capability and ability to build rapport extends across all levels of the workforce. High intellect, a lateral approach and concern for human wholeness underpin Sara’s coaching stance.


Professional Senior Executive Career Management Consultant

Sara has had a life changing impact for those she has worked with in our organisation, restoring hope and positivity. She has a genuine interest in people and cares for their wellbeing. She shows deep empathy, caring and is a wonderful listener. She has the experience and skill to constructively challenge and explore options within the people she coaches. She achieves practical results, including helping people to transition to a better place.


General Manager, People, Leadership and Culture

Thank you for adding an element of calmness and confidence to my otherwise wayward thoughts. My meetings with you help me to understand what I want.


Senior Executive

Dear Sara, Where do I begin to thank you. You are such a special person and your warmth and support during these past months has meant the world to me. I have looked forward to our sessions, and gained so much from them. You have made me realise that being myself is a good space to be in. Fondest thanks.



What differentiated Sara from other advisors was her holistic approach. She worked with me to determine not only my strengths but also my passions and aspirations. Sara guided me through a process of exploration that opened my eyes to different possibilities and her reassuring and supportive presence gave me the confidence and self assurance to follow a path I originally never dreamed existed.



I loved that Sara believed in me, saw me as a whole person who was capable of so much more and that I was being held back not only by the work environment but old behavioural patterns.

Sara gave me confidence to embrace who I really was and to challenge my thinking and goals and ask why not?

She has a way of drawing out people’s strengths and really being in touch with women’s needs. So much didn’t need to be spoken as she was able to use her intuition.

In short – I love the way she works and that she was there for me when I needed it.


Marketing Professional

It has been a pleasure working with Sara during my career transition. Her disarming and friendly style created an atmosphere of open and honest discussions which in turn uncovered my true passions & interests. Her professionalism & experience ensured we covered all career options available to me. I am now well down the track in my new career.


Senior Executive

Sara’s career development counselling opened my eyes to fresh possibilities and empowered me to confidently move in a direction which has led to exciting work, increased income and the job satisfaction I’ve been seeking for years. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who has arrived at a personal or career crossroad.


Writing Consultancy Principal

I found Sara’s service excellent. She understood what I needed straight away, and didn’t spin out our sessions. She gave me an excellent format for my resume so that I didn’t get lost in details, and so my resume had a modern crisp format. The framework for answering interview questions has been useful and helped me to give logical answers. I found Sara professional, supportive and straight up.



Sara is open and warm. She invites you to examine your issues and you can trust her with your innermost thoughts and feelings. She is a delight to work with and seems to know just the right thing to say or do, either making a suggestion, floating an idea or offering practical help.

I felt that Sara really connected with me and helped me to become more self aware. As a result I was able to focus on bringing my thoughts and feelings into harmony.

Sara encouraged, prodded, listened, empathised and celebrated with me. It was a challenging time in my life but Sara helped me to realise there were many ways I could succeed and that I had many different abilities to help me get there.


Small Business Owner

There are few coaches who have the intuitive capability to connect with the individual being supported. Sara has this gift. This gift enhances her efficacy significantly.

Sara also has the right balance of compassion/empathy and the ability to help clients move forward. My observation and the feedback that I’ve received is that Sara builds trust with clients quickly, they feel safe, heard and in the hands of someone with integrity and their best interests at heart. From this foundation she is able to assist them to take appropriate action, improve their present situation and overcome limitations.

These qualities set Sara apart from the profession. I have always referred colleagues to her with complete confidence and trust. I have the highest esteem for her personal and professional values and ethics.


Human Resource Executive

I started with Sara following significant events in my personal and professional life which left me with depression and anxiety. In the past 10 months Sara worked with me to repair the damage from these events and rebuild my confidence personally and professionally. With Sara’s coaching I have taken steps to transform myself into a more focused, self-assured person with a clear idea of who I am and what I stand for. Sara’s emotional intelligence, honesty, and insights on human frailty and working environments sets her coaching apart from anything else I have experienced. Sara tells me that it is the journey I needed to go through. I am very grateful that she has been with me on this journey.



SaraSwati Shakti is a wonderful person with a big heart.  I have been seeing Sara as my therapist for quite some time now and I can highly endorse her services.  She is a great listener; she radiates warmth and makes you feel safe.  Sara is a genuine person and I value what she does immensely and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her


Private Client

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