Art has a way of getting to the heart of communication
SaraSwati Shakti

Did you know that Creating Art…

Encourages balance between both sides of your brain so that you can identify and work through issues and problems more creatively

Allows for free expression, improved self-awareness as a meditative experience, and helps you unlock your true potential.

Heartfelt artistic experiences can…

  • help interface spirituality and psychology, allowing for self-reflection and healing
  • reveal how you see yourself and your circumstances to help you discover new perspectives
  • build greater self authenticity using the experience of the ‘now’

Hands on artistic experiences where you experiment, play, and use a variety of tools, techniques and colours can help you let go and work through circumstances more creatively.

Involving yourself in an artistic experience allows you to tap into your emotions and your spiritual, innate language and feelings.

Letting go with what emerges in the art form can identify some significant learnings and breakthroughs for you and your life, revealing deep symbolic imagery and insight.

Ask about Heart Art™ sessions and see how you can blend it occasionally, or regularly, into your therapy or coaching program

A Heart Art™ session can put you in a sacred space, reveal hidden dimensions of your psyche, and shift patterns and emotions quickly, without judgement.

For your Heart Art™ session please be prepared:

 to leave your ego outside and open to a creative, meditative and revealing experience,

and embark on a journey of self-discovery, symbols and meanings.

All regular booking, cancellation, rescheduling and payment policies apply.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams: who looks inside, awakes

Carl Jung

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