Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness

All people in organisations are leaders in one form or another. And for people to be great leaders of others, they must be great leaders of self, and their own holistic wellbeing.

Loving Psyche fosters being a whole leader, and the positive rippling affect that has on the environment that leaders influence around them.

The Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness focuses on four key interdependent quadrants: Loving Self, Loving Family, Loving Work, and Loving Surroundings.

Each of these quadrants affects leadership, and wellbeing. Ideally life runs smoothly in each of the quadrants for wholeness and vibrancy.

A life event or change in one or more of the quadrants can affect a leader’s equilibrium and can challenge wholeness, self-management, and influence. It can also have an effect on conscious and unconscious behaviours and mindsets. I help bring those processes into alignment for better self-awareness and decisions.

The Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness offers coaching that is dynamic and personalised to each client’s experience so that they can make decisions that are most relevant to them and maintain at their optimum, and more vibrant, again.

They say that your greatest self has been waiting for you your whole life – don’t make it wait any longer – I encourage you to consider Sara helping you be the best version of yourself

Sara listens, supports, encourages. It is also an advantage that Sara understands the working environment from her previous careers and from her work as a coach.

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