The Breathings of Your Heart

It has come to that time of year, when time has sped up. Or so it would appear, as we've edged toward the end of year.  That time of year when things have become particularly frantic. As the heart beat has been racing to keep up, with all the extra tasks, last...

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Here we are

Here are we, one magical moment, Such is the stuff, From where dreams are woven. Beautiful words aren't they. For David Bowie novices, they are taken from Station to Station. Let's dissect them, unrelated to the song of it's origin, for the purposes of this blog, for...

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One Spark

Sometimes it's hard to find the energies of love You've just been told you've lost your job Your relationship is newly gone You've lost the house you've called your home You're pushing through the daily grind The health you had is now hard won Pressures are...

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HR = Heart Rate

I have always marveled at the acronym, or initialism, HR. That it stands for both Human Resources, and for Heart Rate. Enlightening, isn't it! Particularly as you align with the idea that it is people that are the life blood of an organisation. They are human. They...

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What Leaves?

There is a large liquid amber tree in my front garden. With the long, hot, Sydney Summer, it has stayed green, for much longer. Autumn colours have been delayed. Greener leaves, have been holding on, before they change, their shade. And today, just on it's topmost...

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Sprints, And Marathons

Dealing with the physical and emotional elements of change warrants factoring in the psyches of the people adjusting. And the Sprints and Marathons needed for successful transition. And because you and your people are much more than the hours spent at the workplace,...

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Fostering Insight

An element that I concentrate on in Leadership and Transition Coaching is the development of insight. An aspect of Awareness that I believe comes at the top of the chain of making good, forward thinking decisions. Both in context of the coachee's personal experience,...

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Presence in Leadership

One of the most significant qualities to cultivate in leadership is presence. A form of engagement with people that builds awareness, and an active ability to get to the core of an issue, a climate, a process, and a relationship. It fosters mutuality, in...

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