As you deepen further into your unfolding, perhaps having walked through the threshold of a newer world dawning, you may have traversed another gateway from where you have been, to where you are travelling, into the greater wheel of time scheme.

Have you been contemplating, as I have been?

Where you continue to fit into this bigger scheme? How your unique genius may be contributing? Refining, how satisfying your journey has been? Balancing the formula of this next wheel of time turning, and getting out of the way of your own unfolding?

How you are leading yourself, and others, in realising your personal and collective dreams and objectives? And what that may look like as the year is continuing?

My own few weeks transitioning into the new year has been on an inner walkabout. An immersion into myth, story, the hero(ine) journey, cultural and historic yearnings, and their effect on, and the development of, the psyche. And I have reviewed and discovered new story landscapes with each of my coachees, helping them to fine-tune their hero(ine) genius, finding purpose and meaning, in their Self realisation, and it’s achieving.

Unearthing with them what it is to be unique and evolving. The stories that touch deeper elements in their reason for being. The elements of personal and leadership myth making. A most holy activity of creating wholeness, and wholesomeness, in each person’s journey taking, and their wheel of time circling.

For those of you who would like to go on an inner world walkabout, as you continue to embed some of your contemplations and directions, you may wish to watch storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade in his address at Stanford University. It is a long, and timeless, piece. Worth the immersive, if you can accommodate it. It may present a truthfulness as you travel further into your journey. Perhaps grab yourself a favourite refreshment before you begin to lean right in.

A shorter, much watered down, and less rich version, impactful regardless, of excerpts is also available if that is your preference, before diving deeper into the process.

And may your personal myth story making and telling be wonderfully fulfilling as it continues evolving. You could jot down some wheel of time ideas for your continuing year. If you wish to work with me on it and embark on coaching, please connect with me.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser and coach with success leading transformational change. She specialises in integrative coaching for people experiencing change and transition, leading themselves and others, through changing landscapes, and enhancing wholeness using her signature mandala of wholeness coaching process…Because Whole Leaders Create a Whole World.

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