One of the wonders of Winter is that it gives us time to prepare for a new season of activation. Time to review, and imbue, a more refined element, of development, and what’s important. A time that creates, in the heart hearth, opportunity for consolidation, and consideration, of new desires, objectives, and passions, for leaping into Springtime actions.

For those in the Northern hemisphere you will be readying for the Wintering. And the important restorative blessings it brings, for refining what’s true, in your wholeness glue. Clearing the way into a deeper inner stay. And have a warming process of review. It is a marvellous time to slow down, and reconsider where things are headed, in your timeline.

And for those in the South who have been aspiring into the new, how have you gone with your review? Tuning more ardently into your True You? With compassion, and interaction. Are there any final deliberations, that may be necessary, as Springtime comes into view? I know I will be tidying some loose ends after a focussed season of contraction, for inner exploration and wellbeing adjustment, as I enter into new Springtime action.

If you are still in any question, about your next spiral of elevation, of what it may look and feel like, and call to your attention, check in, with some ready reckoner wholeness questions, for whatever your new season will beckon:

  1. How is your health travelling? Are there outstanding checks and balances awaiting?
  2. What are your relationships telling you? Do you have some adjustments for improving affections?
  3. Is your work satisfying? And what can you contribute to expanding your growth, more gratifying?
  4. What cause(s) and loves inspire you? Are there opportunities for their amplifying?

Then Count Your Blessings.

And refine, and define, what’s most important to you, to create a next level passion life of wholeness for you.

Pare away to what’s most significantly joy for you, for the next season. Making room for the blessings, both planned and unexpected, relevant to choosing the values and lifestyle that’s just right for you.

Choose the small, simple, delightful, and most fulfilling, as well as the big, and bold, impactful, that is calling, as your heart and mind keep blooming.

And make the next season of your evolving, in loving involving, count. While you watch as your new gardens of blessed blossoms come about.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti

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