Stay in Your Lane is a great mantra reminder I suggest to people when they are getting scattered by the distraction of competition, and not true to Self, or purpose.

It’s a great reminder because when you go off course, you will have to return to solid ground that is your own source.

And while there will always be pressure to try to keep up, to compare, to speed up, to enter the ‘not good enough’ or ‘fear of missing out’¬†despair, it dishonours the dance you have with the unfolding that you can create, ideal for your life, to generate.

And sure, learning from others the techniques and processes that enhance your growth and knowledge base, is an important embrace, always know, that your unique passion and purpose has it’s own pace of grace.

Who comes first, who comes last, who’s losing, who’s winning, is a crazy making undertaking. To be in competition with others dishonours everyone’s unique circumstances and contributions to the process of growth evolvement and evolution. Because we are each in traction with our own causal action. And each of us has forces that affect our rhythm and our own wellbeing constitutions and energy distributions. When ill, in bereavement, as a parent, in a roller coaster when your job becomes redundant, or when a relationship has ended, and during any life changes yet to define, are all rights of passage that require honouring, pausing, and recalibrating.

When a life is spinning, and redirecting, no matter how it is configuring, it needs tlc realigning. And by tuning into your own rhythm, rather than what others are doing, you retain your own healthy work and life domain. Where you are, in your arena, or wholeness mandala, main.

Otherwise you may miss windows of opportunity that are yours for the finding, making and taking, if you are caught up, or obsessing, with keeping up with others and their undertakings.

Your job is one of Self-sustaining, with your own, unique, soul beat, as you are travelling, and creating. And by working your purpose, and minding your own business, you earn your place of growth pace, that is Self generating.

And how wonderful that, if you remain your priority, in an ideally created benevolent society, everyone could better roll, with a combined heart beat flow. The human ‘race’ could attain a better orchestrated pace. Because, in reality, humanity is a rhythmic activity.

Your body, with your heartmind, are your wisdom instruments of rhythm, with cues of excitement, tiredness, caution, flow, etc becoming the way your life can go. Telling you when to rest, when to act, when to slow, when to accelerate, when to dynamically, collaborate, in your adagio.

If you set peace of mind, with each heart beat rhyme, as the highest aim with which to align, all, in right time, can fall into place, as you refine.

So Stay in Your Lane. Avoid making comparisons. You have your own purpose, gifts, and talents. For attainment. And contribution. Working with others, in collaboration. In the flow of your progression and solution. And then Self manage, encourage, and move more wholly, effortlessly, logically and intuitively, in pace with your system of rhythm, with brilliant precision.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti

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