There is a wonderful blessing from the Navajo called the Pollen Path. Also known as the Beauty Way.

I liken it to the process, and the ending of a journey.

Where you are now emerging into a new world that is becoming.

Where you can spread your wings into new happenings. You have worked through the liminal space of leaving where you have been, sitting in the unknown, perhaps experiencing the dark night of the soul, in the process that has been your own, incubating, before a new world sets in, where you freshly begin.

You have done the work of deconstructing your old life, patterns, and circumstances. Addressed what you have avoided in the creative urge to start anew, and harnessed the courage that it inspired in you. And you are embedding and integrating the learnings and wisdoms that you have accomplished. Embarking on a new adventure more authentic, for your next soul life beauty intensive.

I call it the flow of awe-lignment. After the rubik’s cube kicks in, where the colours have aligned, and the pieces click in. Where all your light bulb moments have fallen into place, and you have entered the accomplishment stage. Brightness in your eyes with anticipation. You’re now on the path you’re meant to stay and play, for your next right life age. Things falling into place with ease and grace, and a new rhythm of experience, called The Beauty Way.

‘Oh, beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty to the right of me, beauty to the left of me, beauty above me, beauty below me, I’m on the Pollen Path’.

You now recognise that all was worthwhile to get you to this new space that you embrace, now taking place. And you’re grateful you found the courage and discipline, that it took in you, to recognise your true face. With a gratitude, and fulfillment, as you’re now off the hamster wheel of the past din, and in the awe-lignment of your new life win.

You found the hero(ine) within. Reflected in the new mirror of your outer experience. And your life, now meant to be, has kicked in.

Though this new way may not be without it’s challenges, you’ve got new tools and self confidence, as you enter into the flow of wise experiences, for this emergent new life force that you have created.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as your alpha and omega, I wish you well in awe-ligning your Beauty Way choices as your new life mantra. Because the soul loves beauty, and you and beauty are always meant for unity.

And you can learn, and practice, to Be, Like the Beauty Bee. With some wisdom from nature inspired poetry. For you. From me.

Be, Like the Beauty Bee

Merrily, Merrily Beauty Bees

Sipping Nectar, Strategically

Collecting from the Sweetest Spots

Buzzing, with Intentional Plots

Gathering from the Best Blossom Lots

To Fill Golden Honey Pots


Be, Like the Bee

Merrily, Selectively, Abundantly


SaraSwati Shakti


Photograph and Words Copyright. All rights reserved.

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