The year is brand new. And it offers a changed view, if you are inclined to do. To focus on Looking Up, and composing an improvement on the last one, for a better 2022.

And to prepare for your new Looking Up view, you may choose to set a mood word or two as a recovery experience theme from the last year that’s been. A feeling word that’s uniquely right for you.

Word examples that come to mind to motivate you could be happy, accomplished, victorious, healthy, energised, peaceful, joyful, patient, loving, glad, grateful … whatever may appeal to you.

Each day, use your feel good word, to highlight what you are appreciating. To practice Looking Up, victoriously. And Lifting your Spirit, immeasurably.

It will help you to withstand the overly negative, the tempting social scrolling, the news media storytelling, that may have been relentlessly impacting, particularly over the recent years that we have been living.

And it feels better to Look Up, than to look down, with a frown, don’t you think?

Prescribing yourself a better daily vibe is so much healthier than spiralling down. As investing in feeling good and Looking Up has a significant physiological and psychological health improvement impact.

Consider setting a feel good word, or two, for 2022. And embed or elevate the mood it gives to you with pastimes that might amplify it for you : a favorite film, a walk in nature, a creative endeavour, a course that’s inspiring, a puzzle that’s waiting, a hobby that’s calling, a meal that is satisfying, a project you’re accomplishing, a friendly get together for some really relating, exercising, meditating, etcetera. A simple pleasure can have a dramatic flow on effect, to make life better.

Then acknowledge and appreciate how you are reacting, cultivating the good feeling it is generating. And hold that feeling in your heart, so that it is radiating, and multiplying. Out into the world around you, amplifying.

Affecting the quadrants of your sphere of influence in your mandala of wholeness.

If you prescribe and practice regularly, weaving it in daily, looking up with thanks for your new type of memory making, and life creating, you may find that your life is, for the better, victoriously, changing.

And with your word mood or two, have a gloriously fresh, good, and new, wholly loving, life giving vocabulary, for 2022.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright. All rights reserved.


V for Victory

SaraSwati Shakti

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