I was recently reminded about some words, from the legacy of C.S. Lewis …

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

And it is a funny group of words on which to focus. Particularly now. As there is undoubtedly an even more significant amount of change that we have been experiencing. We are indeed living, through the changes, of the ages. Of adjustments, corrections, potential improvements, and human attentions. In which we each have pivotal connections.

Yet, many of you may also be experiencing what has felt like a perennial groundhog day, in a stay at home way. Where it is easy to get lost in the perception, that nothing really great happens. There may have been some peaks, but ‘same same’ is also what may have been affecting you, over the weeks.

And that’s the juxtaposition. The balancing act. Of ‘chopping wood’ and ‘making an impact’. Each is valuable. And each asks for careful self-management, on the big picture, as well as the daily minutiae. A dual reflective, of a multiplier perspective.

And in retrospective, I have just finished writing an ‘isn’t it funny’ love list of all the things I have achieved, and the happenings in my life, over the year. It seemed a good time to mark the half way threshold of this extraordinary year.

And my list is longer than I thought. And more meaningful than I had given my life credit for. Energetically, relationally, and tangibly. In my new scheme of things, much in my life has been shifting, in feeling. Because every day, mindfully, I was making more and more choices that were right for me, my values, and my wellbeing, in the changes I have been experiencing. And from that place, more of what I love has been evolving, even when it has been challenging.

And while my love list may not be valuable to anyone else, as it is personal and precious to me, entailing the foundations I am building for my next steps, your life, to you, is valuable and precious too. And what you do now is foundational to your next steps, and the contributions that you will continue to make.

With any transition, certain times will challenge, and others will inspire. The only certainty, with clarity, will be in adapting, managing regularly, and appreciating the moments of opportunity. To act with integrity, and relatability, for a future of leadership, that is progressively, your authorship.

Not long ago I posted a backblog called Sort Your Seeds, where I suggested some focus questions for planting the seeds in the quadrants of your mandala of wholeness. If you haven’t yet, you may wish to do it next.

And as time passes you may then like to look back, and hover above your wholeness mandala. Like a butterfly over a field of flowers. And observe what, for you has transpired. Where you have become more realised in your awareness of Self, experienced gaining greater Family peace, improved your sense of place with your Work, and influenced and valued your Surrounding space. Generating appreciation and gratitude, for what you may discover, with the tangible and the intangible, that you contribute. And what has become more valuable, and new, for you, in your daily acts, and the bigger plans that you enact.

And because we each experience and manage life differently, perhaps you can then jot down your own ‘Isn’t it funny’ love list. Of the big and little things, that to you mean something, with the happenings and transformations you have been managing. Embracing the power of deep appreciation and gratitude, for each daily and big picture activity, or milestone, as a perpetual attitude. Because the ongoing adoption of gratefulness is a worthwhile process to amplify what’s positively present, and what comes next.

As the world changes, so do you. And as you have changed, so the world has too. There is an inter-connectedness, that permeates, each conscious dance, of transformation.

Now Isn’t that funny, and totally fabulous. The impact of your valueness.

So, keep building on your love list, regularly revising your wholeness mandala, with a compassion, that embraces each changing hour. And then, like the symbolic representation of psyche and transformation, become the butterfly …. continually Hover, Savour, and Admire. Effecting the ongoing outcome, of your bigger desire.


SaraSwati Shakti


SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser and coach with success leading individual, organisational and social change and transformation. She received her Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute and  Bachelor of Business and graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney. Sara works with professionals to hero their next stage of leadership development, to create more fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces, and to manage gracefully through a process of successful transition. 

Copyright. All rights reserved.

Adapted from an article written by SaraSwati Shakti in lovingpsycheblogspot, 2014.

Transformation Begins, From Within

Make Wise Choices, That Foster Wholeness

Trust the Process, Towards Metamorphasis

With Your Wellness, As the Emphasis 

Because Whole Leaders Create a Whole World.


SaraSwati Shakti




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