As you ease more purposely into a new year, perhaps after a well earned break in the in-between, you may still be contemplating where to begin. Leading yourself, and others, this year.

Perhaps you are restructuring, refining your goals, and resolutions, that establish new work and life intentions. Or re-setting family dynamics and arrangements. You could be making well-being and lifestyle changes. Or even finding yourself in new environments. All of which can be exciting, confronting, or overwhelming. And warrant loving patience, positivity, and persistence. To maintain a successful transition.

Or you may be re-prioritising how you manage your people, and wish to assist them to reach their highest potential. And offer them an opportunity for coaching assistance.

Whether you are setting new directions, making changes that you have needed to make, or making adjustments to changes that have been imposed on the best laid plans to date, you are beginning a new process. One that may require taking the reigns, better steering the change, and improving how you lead yourself, and others, in your sphere of influence.

It may take a leap of faith. That warrants a small step, or a very large one, either of which can be significant. On the path that you will take.

And one step, is all it takes.

One step at a time,

In the right direction.



In tempo

With the positive rhythm

Of a beating heart.

One step at a time.

And watch it fall in place.

Right place. Right time. Right people. Right. Now.

If you need assistance with leadership steps, to create greater momentum, and intention, with a coach that has achieved leadership success, and a solid track record in managing people through change and transition, contact me for coaching. There are a variety of coaching programs to assist. It could be just the right step you need, to create a fruitfully abundant new year.

SaraSwati Shakti

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