To me, Easter is a most sacred time of year. The feast of the Christian ceremony, symbolically, of death and rebirth, is incredibly powerful, in the energy of the holy days it encapsulates. Even nature seems to slow to a stillness, and a reverence of harmony, that is almost audible…at least that’s what it feels like to me. It is a time when I get to indulge in mandala art, as sketches in Autumn light, during the days of stillness and light, in the southern hemisphere.

The following mandala was drawn one Easter weekend. It reminds me of the sacred heart, and it’s inter-connectivity with the harmony of nature. It has two names: Nature’s Harmony which is how I felt it, and Gaia’s Harmonic Christ Grid which is what it evoked as a personal meaning.

The blossoming of the message of the sacred heart, and the cross as the fulcrum point of the mandala, resting, wholly holy, at the centre, is illuminated by the risen sun, prominent as the background. It also forms a template of the holy grail as epitomised by the blooming flower cup at the solar, higher mind, apex.

As a symbolic reflection it offers a view of the ascendant and transcendent rebirth of consciousness of the heart path. With love as the central connection, between earth and heaven, through the diamond centre window. Diamonds, traditionally, are associated with strength, love, health and invincibility, and were worn by leaders throughout history.

The mandala came punctuated by supporting words, in the motivational verse that accompanies it, as a suggestion for Easter reflection…

Nurture Your Heart Nature, At the Diamond Centre 

The Window of Grace, For the Human Race

SaraSwati Shakti

May the blessings of the Easter message that emerged in this mandala and verse bring you harmony, with a rebirth of beauty and balance, in your dealings. As well as a chance to reflect, connect, introspect, and celebrate the mysteries of holy joy, rapture, and being, for the next directions you are planning and contemplating.

And have a Happy Easter, resurrecting and nurturing the love field of heartfelt ceremony, in whatever form that your heart is expanding, relevant to you, your family, workplace, and surroundings, in your world of fulfilment and diversity. And may it illuminate grace for a harmonious human race.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright. All rights reserved.

SaraSwati Shakti has a holistic and integrative approach to her coaching. She listens to her clients at a heart and mind level and helps them connect to their higher purpose, and aspirations, giving them a greater sense of validation, achievement, joy, and success. She focuses on their unique talents and abilities and the decisions that they need to make to keep them on their path of change, growth and development. Sara helps clients tune into what is happening at a deeper level, identifying stuck points in their thoughts, actions, mindsets, and feelings, and how to learn from and overcome them. This helps the people and organisations she works with to gain a better sense of meaning, purpose, and value in their lives and careers. Sara facilitates insight from many processes including art, poetry, and the power of words, as tools of value and meaning in the reflective aspects of self-awareness, change, and healing. 


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