Understandably the international focus has been on the passing of one British monarch and the accession of her successor. And no matter what you think about the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has been an outstanding representation of stoic dedication and passionate conviction to duty, and love of realm and country, recognised by an outpouring of tribute, and marvelling at her longevity and quality.

Externalising your attention on a world leader of conviction, is a noble process.

Yet what if some of that attention is also directed to your inner Queendom/Kingdom. The centre of our your leadership direction and ascension. The part of you that deserves admiration and affection. The part that has a mission, in action, and influence.

Each of us is responsible for the Queendom/Kingdom of our own sovereign being. And that wields both power and responsibility. For the footprint that we leave for our families, workplaces, surroundings, in the world of our wider communities.

Whether it is positional or more personal, leading holds a gift of giving, that will remain long after your leaving. Every act spreads a part of the blueprint of your energy onto the people, processes, and services that you are conceiving and delivering.

The Queendom/Kingdom is within you. And it spreads around you. As your royal gospel.

Make it a part of your holy mission to pay attention. To your inner sanctum. To consider your thoughts and actions. To review the legacy that you will be leaving. Determining how you are continually graduating. Taking time out for reflecting, and self evaluating. On any light and shadowing. On the world you are influencing.

Owning, the Queendom/Kingdom, of Your Being.

SaraSwati Shakti

Ascension Transformation


Leadership Graduation

SaraSwati Shakti







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