Love is simply the the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole.

These words are attributed to Plato. Plato revered beauty for revealing the mysteries of the soul. And for me that was how I felt when I was working with people. Loving, interested, and amazed at their process, backgrounds, ambitions and intentions. The beauty of the way they tick, what they want to know, and where they want to go. Their why of authentic love and life being. Their human condition and experience and how they could better build it.

And several years ago when I embarked on the authentic raison d’etre of my revitalised business, it took some time to determine the why of the authentic love being for Loving Psyche, and it’s meaning.

The name Loving Psyche came easily as it evolved from my love of working with people, and studying in depth all things soul, as a part of my journey world of whole. For those who don’t know, Psyche means Soul. I was sorting the seeds of wholeness in the process, and deciding my focus.

Yet framing Loving Psyche, incorporating my background, into a few words of intention, for my next refined direction, for others to understand it, became a little more complicated than I had imagined. It was a new concept in the field of business. I was continuing to break ground in the unfamiliar reception that I had found. I’d already invested in the concept in my faith leap towards staying in element, while keeping up with my ambition to ensure it was relevant. I had a mission at soul. and wanted to clarify my role. And I sat in the question.

It was when I refreshed my memory, from feedback from references and testimonials that I had received over the years, that I came across one that was given about me, unsolicited by a supervisor colleague and mentor of over five years, and it reads:

“…She brings a rare combination of pragmatism and deep empathy which contributes to successful solutions for a range of clients. Her significant senior executive experience enables Sara to work especially well with the most senior executives, but her care, capability and ability to build rapport extends across all levels of the workforce. High intellect, a lateral approach and concern for human wholeness underpins Sara’s coaching stance”.

Concern for human wholeness was indeed my inner creed as I worked with people in coaching and transition support need.

It is amazing what someone genuinely sees in you that you can miss. A coach and mentor does this. Making things obvious from a clarity of objective observation. It was received, with gratitude, from Don Mathewson who continues to support me from the side lines, and so many others directly, genuinely and consistently. This is my unsolicited plug for him. Honestly the best person I worked for in my extensive career, and a mentor for many.

Consequently, boosting my impetus for embarking on my next ‘why’ delivery, Simon Sinek may well be intrigued, the next day I woke up with the words Because Whole Leaders Create a Whole World. Of course! Knowing that wholeness in individuals is, on it’s own, powerful. And that individual wholeness in leaders, in whatever capacity their leadership covers, has an enormous rippling effect on the lives around them, their circles of influence, and the world we inhabit.

Wholeness is the essence. And as Plato said, Love is it’s origin.

It all made perfect sense as it further evolved into it’s future tense:

  • I was already drawing and sharing mandalas, a symbol and process of wholeness, as part of my regular wellbeing of self and other care, awareness practice.
  • I embarked on translating my methods into a signature Mandala of Wholeness coaching program around how I worked, and what clients value, in their evolving leadership change progress, as a guiding aspect
  • I focussed on delivering a core suite of coaching programs for professionals to revitalise their lives and careers during change and transition based on my earlier experience.

It all converged nicely, and I launched it softly when the gestation was complete. I have now been running Loving Psyche for several years, meeting many people from all walks of life, and seeing them embark on their own authentic paths. A gratifying and fulfilling start, that I continue to appreciate, create, and impart.

So perhaps Plato was in the know, as was my supervisor mentor, in defining the way I’d realise and most tangibly go. And the light bulb of my head and heart was amplified. as everything evolved.

As you embark on defining your why, sometimes you may need to look back to look forward, in your try. To choose what’s relevant for your next refined career life instalment. Consult some mentors, colleagues or supervisors, look over your career path, refine what makes your heart and soul thrive. And what following your bliss may look like. See where you have runs on the board, and where your talents naturally lie. That may well be your why.

And whatever the configuration of your why direction, in your next business or career iteration, I hope that whole love is a part of the reflection equation.

Because Whole Leaders Create a Whole World. A Whole World of Love.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is an integrative leadership coach with a broad background and knowledge is the practical and theoretical aspects of leadership growth and development, personally, professionally and spiritually. She holds a Bachelor of Business and Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney, and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute. She has also trained and explored many spiritual wisdom traditions and practices that contribute to her application of integrative wholeness and wellness to her services. And Why is a part of the process that can be included in coaching discussions.

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