What we feel deeply leads us to the lost kingdom of the imagination. That is where we will find the genius of love, the stirred heart, the spark of joy, the flare of the charged imagination, the incandescence of the creative life, the heat from the soul aflame.

These words written by Phil Cousineau, in his introduction to his book, The Soul Aflame, a treasure on my bookshelf, are the words that resonate when I think of what I do.

Love, pure and simple, is my business. I love what I do. And I love that I feel. An empathy for the human condition. And a desire to lift the human spirit.

Psychotherapy, taken literally, means Soul Healing. And while I have had several professional incarnations they have all had one thing in common – to bridge, to change, to improve, and then to move on. Like an artist creating an art piece, leaving an energetic imprint in skill, time, and creativity, that assists in transforming those I work with, and creates a spark that continues when we are complete. That is my ideal.

As a therapeutic coach I am person centered. I have the privileged position of being with people at their most vulnerable, at their deepest essence, at their secret sensitive place, and hold the space so that when their hearts break, their lives shake, or their souls quake, I can assist them to find ways to transcend and create, and fashion, in action, a life that has new meaning and passion.

In each case I help them move toward a newer, more vibrant leadership base. Assisting them with options, and solutions, in well-being and decisions, while traversing the journey of transitions.

I do not limit my toolbox. Some of my clients have needed just to talk, having valuable coaching conversations that create light bulb moments. Some have needed tangible activity for moving forward. Mostly it is a combination of discussion and action for building transition traction. And always, they have a humanity that needs connecting. And a desire to trust their own wisdom, to make decisions that make sense to them, gaining perspective, and following their bliss, in whatever way they can blend it in. It is their hero’s journey.

In doing so, and because we all have many preferences, I have a multi-modality approach for my coachees. And offer a range of methods, and refer them to options, when I work with them. Including a coaching framework, the Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness that helps guide coaching discussions.

I practice the same intention. I regularly consult my own mandala of wholeness. To keep my soul aflame and in passion. And my spirit lifted. It’s the best way for me to stay connected. To the beauty of human affection.

And that is also why I love arts, and nature, and poetry, and the feminine. And so many many inspirational things. They bring me to life. Prevent burnout. And reflect what I love in my own life of wholeness. They keep me inspired, in Spirit, in vibrant life, and fulfillment.

Regularly combining my own artful mandala’verse, as life affirming motivations and inspirations for others experiencing transition, and creating life brilliance, is also a great way to encourage whole brain motivation for effective transition.

May you too love the core of your personal and professional existence, your mandala of wholeness, your expression of wellness, that is uniquely your own, and the bliss you find in it.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a Leadership Coach and Integrative Healing Practitioner. Drawing from years of practical leadership experience in public, private, and community sectors, and training and application in therapeutic and coaching foundations, Sara has a wealth of wisdom that she offers clients in the wholeness, and wellness, as they manage change and transition. Sara holds a Bachelor of Business and Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney, and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute. 


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