Over many coaching and executive leadership years, some leadership qualities have continued to surface consistently.

And as I wade through my mandala collection of drawings that emerged over the more recent years of coaching, two snapshot picture stories stand out as particularly relevant, as visual representation, as we continue to embark on new growth in leadership outcome and potential development.

The Oak Tree, strong and solid, in roots and foundations, growth solidity, and constancy.


The Weave of Reeds, flexible and fluid, in the changing breeze, of inter-dependability.

Each sings a separate song in change and growth as it is happening. Yet both have qualities for durability.

Think about where your foundations are secure and solid, or can be further examined, challenged, or strengthened. And where you may better flow, as changes grow, in your attitudes, decisions, actions, and perceptions. Combining wisdom and compassion as a leadership coupling of qualities, in self, family, work, and surroundings, in the moving breeze, of the upcoming love months, as they are proceed.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a leadership coach, educator and psychotherapist who works with people to bring out their wholistic and holistic potential. Using her mandala of wholeness coaching process Sara assists them to integrate their leadership qualities, and make tangible decisions and actions for their growth and ambitions. Sara also provides separate teachings using the benefits of a range of styles to get her message across. Her mandala’verse art is one of the tools she uses to bring concepts to visual light. 

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