There is no doubt that the picture stories from various events and conflicts that are being witnessed locally and globally are distressing. Creating the rupture of trigger points around survival, and security, and broken heartedness, that are creating significant impacts on nervous system energy, in the body, mind and psyche, of many. Overstimulating memories and experiences of trauma, and concern, in populations that it is affecting.

And while it is our duty as a global family to help wherever we can, it is also important to ensure that it is not at the expense of your own wellbeing. Taking steps for your self-caring, and those dependant on you immediately, is a vital process for maintaining resilience.

Some suggestions:

  • Be sure to take breaks regularly, or eliminate totally, from indulging in the visuals that may be trauma activating, to give your system a break
  • Get help with grieving, anger, and resultant trauma that may be triggering any overwhelming emotion that could be happening
  • Focus simply on ‘chopping wood and fetching water’ in your own life, peacefully and mindfully, to support your own sphere of peaceful wellness and influence, at home, in your workplace, and community
  • Take time out for meditation, slowing down to honour your lifeforce, and body system, and pray if that is your preference
  • Create space for processing your reactivity, and any tension if it presents itself
  • Manage your commitments, any excessive busyness and over-scheduling trauma reactivity and activity, by being selective about where you pay attention so that it is life and love supporting

You, your workplace, and family may already be at significant pressure points that need managing. Choose how you will be prioritising and supporting, yourself and your responsibilities, daily, eliminating what is not essential or is irrelevant or distracting, so that you can maintain for ongoing resilience and sustainability.

The events of the world are always on our doorstep. Some will affect you and require your action. And there are others in which you can choose to, or need to, participate. It is important to be mindful and selective about what enters the sanctity of the peace of your home, and immediate responsibilities, and where you reach out to take care of the external impacts that knock on your door. It’s a balancing act that can be significant in impact.

Love the world, and your place in it, for securing ongoing peaceful connection, and contact.

Manage how you react.

And where you can, take a sacred pause, in amongst it all, to regroup, recalibrate, and restore.

Hold holy your home, reaching out to help where you can, with an open heart door.

SaraSwati Shakti

Heart Essence

for the sacred pause

for prayers, for peace

for all that transpires

and is restored

upstream and down

and all around

the holy mountain


SaraSwati Shakti


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