The first time I watched the talk below I was running my previous consulting business, Connecting Hearts and Minds, when I was working with senior leaders on the balance of their professional and personal aspects. It became a great teaching tool for combining the worlds of feeling and function. Or as I call it, spirit (of heart) and structure (of business), in the focus of leadership practice and holistic wellness, at a time when I felt the heart was missing in the corporate spin and din of leadership parlance and rhetoric.

Helping to guide leaders that both the structure of logical business activity, and spirit as human heart passion animation, equally matter as cognitive leadership factors. And that the combination needs to be authentically tailored. Finding the leadership formula between the qualities of structure and creation, masculine and feminine, work function and relationships, technology and humanity, logic and creativity, for having a dream and grounding it in reality.

Forming a beautiful balancing, relational functionality of left and right brain synergy. Eastern and Western equality in life and spirituality, as complimentary. Working with both dimensions of heartmind connectivity and validity in any business and whole life undertaking.

Creating value and meaning for guiding the next moves purposefully. Trusting the pace professionally and personally relevant to manoeuvring fields of uncertainty. And the tension that can sometimes come with balancing them for your mandala of wholeness in everyday activity, for humanity.

Allowing for optimum problem solving, or solution finding, when presented with challenges, or opportunities for adjustments. And finding new directions with both heart and mind dimensions for linking ideals and logical needs, at the creative heart of things.

I hope that you too will glean what you need from this fabulous link as I do in revisiting it. About the independent and mutual benefits of our beautiful cognitive brain hemispheres. As Jill Bolte Taylor communicates it so evocatively, and authentically.

Be sure to watch where she points when she talks of our deep inner peace circuitry at the end of her story. An important animated instant, of human heart passion, as spirit, not to be missed.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser and coach, with a background of success leading transformational change during Executive leadership roles, and in coaching her business clients. She received her Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute, and a Bachelor of Business and Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney. Sara believes that each person’s inner processes and awakenings for holistic wellbeing lead to powerful ripples of consciously pragmatic leadership influence.

SaraSwati Shakti

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