And here you are. Well into the first part of the year. Perhaps contemplating the happenings around you. As time is shifting, and ideas are sifting, more quickly, for many people and organisations on the world sphere.

And as you keep moving into the deeper part of the year, a greater level of clarity may be dawning, of the values, and skills, that you can better contribute. Perhaps some ideas are starting to surface as you move more greatly into gear.

Many of my colleagues, coachees, and the people I meet, are increasingly making significant changes that are important to wellbeing, around an emerging theme, why they are here, and how to focus the stamina, that brings their best self to the whole scheme. I have been doing the same thing. It is a perpetual process in a world of change and transition. Defining the unique contribution in personality, skill and mastery in the context of shifts we are guiding and experiencing. Engaging with the opportunity to better follow fulfillment. Actualise bliss. Foster meaning. Enable healing. And make a clearer difference, in a world that is pulsing. Large and simple steps that can have great meaning and impact.

And much refines, in the inner plane, and in the outer world, by making choices, to walk forward into your truer, whole self. Better honouring what you bring to your world stage. And how you can keep actualising. Using your personal expression of personality, and leadership, in whatever form that takes. At work, with family, and social surroundings.

And as you continue to chip away at what is less authentic, and invest in that which is your true best extraordinary, you continue to reveal your greater essence. Realised. More radiant, in the glory of your real fulfillment. Moving forward in your hero’s journey in intention and action.

I love how the arts offers us ways to connect with parts of ourselves and our own hero story. I have previously shared my appreciation of one particular movie for it’s offering of a fabulous understanding of the hero’s journey in the human psyche. It is called¬†Finding Joe. Being a fan of Joseph Campbell, and the individual and collective power of myth and story, I suggest it because it provides a pivotal understanding of true, whole self, for the hero’s journey. It so beautifully, metaphorically, explains the importance of being the hero of your own journey. And the peeling away of fears, distractions, and what is irrelevant, or getting in the way, of your magnificence, so that you too can best contribute in your own ideal way.

View a short overview of the movie length documentary. If you are inclined, you may wish to consider sourcing the full length movie for a deeper immersion into the world of journey. A journey so relevant to each of us, in bringing forth our best bliss and alive hero self.

And while films are great, and offer one external representation, or glimpse, of what can trigger and inspire us, they do not compare to the rich, and complex immersions, our own lives, and their learnings and yearnings, can take. Making the real steps, towards hero’ing a personal journey is what makes it tangible for each person.

Therapeutic coaching is a real opportunity, in a practical way, to gain assistance for managing your personal hero journey, and revealing more radiantly the gifts of your evolving story. It is a wonderful way to refine, define, and peel away the inner and outer dimensions that are in your way, toward’s the re-emergence, of your best leadership contribution today.

Let me know if you or your people need my assistance.

SaraSwati Shakti


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