Change always offers us fresh opportunities to live. And one of my favourite types of change is the seasons.

Allowing for shifting gears. Staying flexible. Appreciating a new tangible and intangible. New movements of light, colour, temperature and gaze. Entering the rhythm of brand new ways. And a fresher poetry for heartfelt, loving, days.

And Awesome Autumn, a marvellous natural metaphor for transition, is the poetry that now softly plays…


Awesome Autumn

Awesome Autumn

We’ve entered March

Summer season zoomed right past


Cooler breezes, and rain filled days

Have set right in, their time to stay


Southern hemisphere now entails 

Readiness, for this seasonal change:


Warmer clothes emerging from closets

Blankets from storage, hands in pockets


Umbrellas and jackets and socks and throws

Have come out of months of regular repose


Health warming dinners with family and friends

Outdoor fire heated evening sunsets


Walks in nature a slower pace

And winds move in with a clearer embrace


This new season is totally blessed

With nurture, and nourishment, and regular rest


New colours and aspects and textures abound

Heightening the senses to crisp life all round


Happy Autumn, as old leaves are shed

For new seedlings planted in deep garden beds


And, for all the readers up in the North

Blessed Springtime for new blossoms caught

As we enjoy a fabulous Fall


May you be inspired to walk with the movements that your new season brings, appreciating the gifts that Autumn sings.


SaraSwati Shakti

Awesome Autumn, poetry by SaraSwati Shakti, first published in lovingpsycheblogspot 2014.

Image: Autumn Light by SaraSwati Shakti

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