Each of us has times in our lives when we lack confidence. When we struggle with the building blocks of skills, and the belief we need, to take our next steps of opportunities, especially when we are embarking on new territories.

We can confront many vulnerabilities walking up the next hill, finding our feet, in uncertainties. Taking the next brave steps in our hero’s journey.

And that’s when some help may be needed in the travelling.

One client took the initiative to connect with me when walking the path alone was not working. She was great at what she did professionally, and she wanted to move to a better opportunity, with another company, after she began parting ways with the organisation with which she was working.

The process of interviewing, and applying for new roles, was new to her. And proved challenging. She struggled to put herself first, and forward, in the competitive process of applying. And building her understanding of application techniques, manouvering the world of recruiting and networking, and organising herself to land the role of her dreams, was daunting.

Not being in her natural and learned habitat and competency, she was struggling. Her risk was to retreat from the growth that was beckoning as she began stumbling. Her motivation was waning. And she felt she was failing. She knew it was limiting her progress, and she called me.

‘What can I do? Where can I start?’ was her opening.

These are normal questions for each and every mind, when transitioning. When walking on a road of uncertainty in building the dream, and finding yourself pausing. Wanting to move quickly, with the confidence felt previously, and discovering that it may not be as easy, as motivation is stalling.

We worked out the right coaching program and began building the confident competence steps necessary for her. It included unearthing and clearing some of her limiting beliefs. And building her presentation and application techniques for gathering momentum.

She created the success that was necessary. And gained the position she had been seeking. Her words of appreciation, validating her experience, landed recently with me in a testimony.

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and skills to land my dream job. Prior to attending your one-on-one sessions I had been unsuccessful in gaining permanent full time employment. After several of your sessions I was offered a full time position after the first interview. Sara, you not only provided me with the vital skills necessary in an interview but you also built up my confidence and helped me get to a place within myself where I was happy no matter what the outcome would have been. I cannot express my gratitude for all your help, kindness and most importantly faith in my own ability (when I clearly did not have any myself). Thank you so, so much. I could not have done it without you.

If you’d like me to walk beside you or your people in transition, to maintain a positive frame of attention and motivation, and to build confident competence steps when in the question, please connect with me. I hold years of coaching experience. And a range of success stories. Perhaps yours will be next.

SaraSwati Shakti


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