An element that I concentrate on in Leadership and Transition Coaching is the development of insight. An aspect of Awareness that I believe comes at the top of the chain of making good, forward thinking decisions. Both in context of the coachee’s personal experience, and in relation to those they influence around them.

And good insight incorporates whole brain awareness. And the qualities of heart, and mind, connection.

The first time I watched the talk below was several years ago. It comes to mind when I cycle around my own changing experiences, in my whole life transitions. I find it a useful tool, to dip into, to maintain integrity with my own decision-making.

Finding a perspective between logic and creativity, between technology and humanity, between work and relationships, and between having a dream and grounding it in reality. And the tension that can sometimes come with balancing them in your mandala of wholeness in everyday activity, so as to maintain well-being.

Insight clarifies heartmind validity.

Insight is about going in, to develop sight. About what is right, in changing circumstances for you, and your wholeness.

It allows you to navigate, with your higher mind, each stage of your own whole world, whole life development. And develops consciousness in decision-making, regularly, in practicality.

I hope the talk offers you perspective, about the independent and mutual benefits of the amazing brain hemispheres in fostering insight. As Jill Bolte Taylor communicates it so brilliantly. And be sure to watch where she points when she talks of our deep inner circuitry at the end of her story, as insight into where to look into your own evolving story.

SaraSwati Shakti

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