We have been experiencing many rainy days of late. Which can make it challenging to motivate. Particularly on a Monday, with events that have honed attention, on the world stage.

For me my Monday morning included a quick peruse through my LinkedIn news feeds, to tap into what’s topical. It led me toward a particular article. Things successful people do on a Monday morning.

And made me ponder about how we can maintain care, and responsibility, for how our world is turning, and the meaning of success. What that looks like for each of us.

I know that it can look different to me than it can for you.

And it can be different from person to person. Depending, and defined, by values, and circumstances.

Whether it is running a business, a corporation, a household, a team, a project, or a combination, I believe that success needs to include structure, nurture and play. I call it the holy trinity of balance.

And I look to Nature to help me to make that call. To connect to her heartbeat. After all she is the mother.

And today it is rainy. A soft and gentle day. And I have blended that into my day. Pausing to appreciate, with a walk for exercise, by the riverside, before tackling my essential tasks for the day.

It has created the space for appreciating, a sense of happiness, gratefulness, (and greatfulness), and a better restfulness, in prioritising my actions for the day. And that energy is helping me to feel successful, in how I handle the essential, and for sustaining stamina, for where I need to maintain motivated momentum.

Those I coach are familiar with my use of nature cycles as metaphors for organising, planning, and connecting. It brings a dimension to business that is dynamic, creative, and organic.

Success to me is about getting the balance right. Perhaps you too can define what, for you, success may look like.

And, as an alternative to Karen Carpenter’s lovely lament, your rainy days and Mondays may then create a lovely, motivated, high. By the actions you take.

For some additional Monday morning success suggestions you can find them in the article.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright. All rights reserved. Adapted from an article originally posted in lovingpsycheblogspot 2013.

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