You may have been feeling into the significance, and the immensity, of the intensity, in the collective around the caronavirus panic, and the next waves of change. And observing your own reactions, and the reactions around you, to the situations we are facing. It is affecting each of us. And offers a significant roll out of leadership responsibility. Staying focused on safety, logic, and clear decision-making.

And rather than concentrating on the social isolation it is communicating, I invite you to also consider how the circumstances offer greater connectivity.

Personally, it hasn’t been easy for me to refrain from the basics of a business modus operandi of shaking hands, and the sometimes client huggings. The physical distancing and every-day decision-making has required some retraining and reconsidering.

As has been making sound business decisions for changing circumstances. Moving from primarily face to face meetings to handling more of them remotely has required some adjusting. Yet it has also been quite welcoming. Less travel time between meetings has allowed time for engaging, in other priorities. There is indeed a light and shadow side to everything!

Times, like these, do offer opportunities.

And for this time, it is worthwhile, to remember, that physicality, is just one way, we meet. While the physical is indeed important, we also meet with attention, energetic affection, and the words we speak. And what we offer our surroundings, in calmness, communication, and clarity.

It offers an opportunity for staying connected, more deeply. To quieten down, to reflect, to sometimes genuflect, and to spend time with yourself, and your loved ones with greater intent. To be in a space, and at a pace, outside of frenzy, and one that is more planning, and personally, friendly.

Planning how things can change within the context of what’s happening. Staying calm in the midst of uncertainty, and taking personal and leadership sureness steps as things are evolving. What a great exercise in practicing flexibility, and surrender, while taking logical and intuitive decisions, daily.

Taking the time to consider the present, and future, of your mandala of wholeness activity. And how it can operate more smartly.

I spent a significant portion of my executive career history driving strategy for overcoming isolation, digitally. Addressing the digital divide amongst communities. And now is the time that it can pay off remarkably.

Personally, it has been great, for me to consider again, how I can live more holistically, by taking greater advantage of technologies.

And it has also been an opportunity, to practice patience in handling matters out of the ordinary, and to engage discernment, regarding the information, and mis-information, that is spreading, significantly.

The opportunities for growth we are being provided with…getting even better with technology to bring us closer together, spending more valuable time with family while at home more regularly, communicating with work colleagues and clients more plan-fully about how to address each activity, with continuity. Staying connected, meaningfully.

The Human Spirit has a great ability to adapt, to show up, and to make the best of circumstances.

And as leaders you can harness the time, to accelerate improvements, spearhead and fast-track changes, that you have been planning, and that have been necessary, in technology, immunology and health and safety. Changes such as flexible work practices, remote webinars and conferencing, scientific wellbeing and medical investments, and partnering with virtual provider communities.

Going within, to consolidate your learning, on how to stay well, calm, and focused, on the decisions you are taking, and the loving actions you are enacting, as you tackle and rise above each next learning and circumstance in the making, is a valuable undertaking.

As information comes to hand, and you manage and harness the necessary steps forward, of what needs to come next, consider how the recommendations of physical distancing and isolation, can in fact, lead to becoming better connected, than you had previously expected.

And perhaps revisit a poem some of you may know. A narrative and instructive poem I wrote, a few years ago. And one, that is worthwhile, right now, entitled Now Love

The world is under enormous pressure

There is an urgency emergency.

To love.

There is no other time.

To love.

Love like you have never loved before.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love the world.

Now is the time.

Right now.

Every Now Love counts.

And if it’s hard.

Just love yourself in that limitation.

In any loving way.

And wait…

For the hardness to dissipate.

Whatever it takes.

Till you feel the expansion.

Just love.

In work. In rest. In play.

In action.

In feeling.

In vibration.

Just Love.

Now Love.




Stay well. And In Love.

SaraSwati Shakti


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