In the whole scheme of things, every choice…is sacred. And presents an important shift toward conscious change and mindset.

And as the world keeps transforming rapidly, where so much is pulling on your energies: the world wide web of competing priorities, media, advertising, differing views and sentiments, advancing technologies, and the proliferation of social networking, it can be so easy to lose yourself, and what’s really important for your success and happiness. To drift into patterns of distractions, outside of yourself.

And that’s when I like to reinforce, and love the term, Know Thyself.

Know Thyself.

From that place you can make choices. The right, feeling and thinking, choices. That funnel through the noise competing for your attention. And listen. To the inner voice. Of personal preference. And value-based reason.

Know Thyself.

Because every choice makes a difference. To a Loving Psyche of wellness. And a leadership of wholeness.

And while there is a time for experimenting, and exploring, there is also a time for more certainty, in decision-making.

Each choice you make can take you on a trajectory of journeying that moulds you, your family, your work, and your surroundings, more certainly.

Identifying your true voice, your song, your story, in the unfolding, with each action, you’re taking, and attention, you’re making, becomes a more conscious undertaking.

And it is in the pause, that you identify, the voice, of your choice. The choice of conscious attention.

The Pause. That allows you to check-in. And decide how to pro-act, rather than re-act, as you proceed.

In Knowing Thyself, you gain clarity. Because the relationship with yourself is primary. It leads to right choices. And the clear road that is yours to travel, managing bumps, and byways, with greater confidence.

And that is why I practice and encourage meditation, and stillness. To be able to hear the truth from silence, and within’ness. Thyself. The present.

For those of you who would like to start with some convenient meditation, to get into practice. To gain some quiet receptivity, and blend it into your daily routine comfortably, you may wish to register for a Making Every Moment Matter meditation, coming up at the end of the month, as a way to begin.

Consider scheduling it in.

It may be just what you will need, to help you lean in, to the busier time of the year, that is coming.

SaraSwati Shakti


The Loving Psyche mandala logo, a registered therapeutic services trademark of SaraSwati Shakti, was developed to represent the act of balancing through change and transition, creating a centredness, toward renewed being, as you keep journeying. It has informed the mandala of wholeness methodology of coaching, and creates a visual element of calm and connectedness, in leadership development, and transformation, through a maze of experiences.


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