The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being ~ Carl Jung.

It is a lovely statement isn’t it.

And that can be a challenge when you feel weighed down. Or overwhelmed.

Focusing on how to thrive when chaos seems to surround you in the midst of your own shifts, and the shifts of those around you, can be a mind full.

Keep it simple. Gather gradual momentum. Take each next step with purpose, gratitude, and reverence, in relevance, so you can balance your wholeness.

There are a few things you can do, in your family, work, surroundings. And for You. That will kindle a light for a better life view.

  1. Family. Unplug. Unschedule. Spend time sharing and connecting with those important to you. With some conversation, and connection. Perhaps around a picnic. Or a movie. Something you can enjoy collectively. Talk about what’s relevant in each of your worlds in the moment and the experience. No judgement. Just curiosity, and enjoyment. In slowness. Savour it.
  2. Work. Build in space between sprints of activity. Whether you are in work or between opportunities, you are in it for the distance, and need to maintain energy. Consider how you can review what’s important and critical, and focus on what’s most relevant in using your initiative. Perhaps invest in resources. Define how you can better lead. Identify the have to’s, the want to’s, and the let’s not do’s. And then implement accordingly.
  3. Surroundings. What gives you pleasure? In your home, workplace, and community. Enhance it. Participate in activities that are joyful, and fruitful for your wellbeing. Declutter. Organise. Create spaces that assist with clarity wherever you participate in activity. Define an uplifting theme, and create it. Your surroundings can lift you remarkably in concentration and momentum.
  4. You. Important you. The precious and valuable you. Eat well. Stretch and exercise in ways that relieve you. Keep hydrated. Your body is a complex organism that needs refueling healthily, regularly. Honour it. Invest in the things that inspire you. And get help with the things that challenge you. You are learning constantly in a time of transforming. Ease into each objective purposefully, and tune in mindfully, for each next step in your becoming.

Thoughts, attitudes and things, that no longer lighten you, and those around you, can be reviewed with every conscious step to improve. Investing in those that create equilibrium is always a good thing to do. It is from that place that you can better apply yourself to what you need to continue.

Lighten your life. In weightiness. And build tenderness. Soften the drivenness. So you can experience the journey as it is unfolding. It is well worth appreciating.

Kindle a light in your own existence. And it will lighten others too.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti

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