This mandala from the mandala’verse collection is titled One Spark.One SparkWhy One Spark, when there are two heart flames?

Because sometimes one heart helps to ignite another, and assists it to lift brighter.

That Spark could be a word, an idea, a helping hand, a taught skill, or a positive intent.

It could be a heart motivated action, that newly sets two souls aflame with passion.

I liken it to a parent supporting a child, a teacher aiding a student, an elder lifting a minor, or any relationship at work, in community, or at home, where, at any point, one encourages the growth and well-being of the essence and/or plans of another.

One Spark can create a warm fire, a heart hearth, to inspire.

Particularly when things can unravel undesired, likened in a One Spark poem I wrote some time ago, highlighting the tensions of changes that can transpire.

That One Spark can make a world of difference. To overturn distress and/or indifference. As heartfelt action and intention to foster improvements.

It could be an inspiration, for a project, that’s a solution, for a long held frustration.

Perhaps it’s helping someone to make a decision, for a new direction, related to a technological advancement.

Or a conversation that takes someone on a new, improved, professional or personal, tangent.

Perhaps it’s a poem that appeals to a circumstance, and validates a person’s experience.

Maybe it’s an idea, that resonates with another’s search, making their purpose, crystal clear, getting you both into action gear.

Or a romance, sparked in an instance, by an advance, from one heart to another. Taking two souls on a journey, like before no other.

One Spark, creates, two flames of beauty.

The combined warmth then, from each of the two heart flames, blesses both of them.

It multiplies their experiences, of value, and advancement.

And expands, into the world, around them.

Don’t underestimate the power, of each heartfelt act, and influence, in your everchanging hours. They make a difference. In the human evolution, that you, and others, experience.

Consider where your One Spark, or the Spark of another, can inspire the manner of your wholeness mandala

A love reflection. That may help ease you into the next stages, of creative and connective development. By putting your heart into it.

And may the One Sparks of Inspiration ignite, magnify and multiply. And guide your next steps.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser and coach with success leading individual, organisational and social change and transformation. She received her graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute and Bachelor of Business and graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney. Sara works with professionals to hero their next stage of leadership development, to create more fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces, and to manage gracefully through a process of successful transition.

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One Spark

Ignites Another

As Love Sows

So Inspiration Grows.


SaraSwati Shakti

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