Pilgrimage. A sacred voyage. Often described as a voyage to another place, somewhere away, somewhere immersed in an alternative reality. To find communion with oneself, out of everyday disparity.

And what a valid way to reconnect, and explore, a different cosmology of people and places foreign. To tap into something that is uncommon. To develop renewed openness, for difference. To foster appreciation. And wonderment. A new dimension of reality, and a way of gaining clarity. Of an issue. Or a wound needing healing. A restful rejuvenation appealing. A clean depth of feeling. A more peaceful way of being.

We all need it, to recalibrate, our wellbeing. I did it recently.

Yet, what if all of life is a holy endeavour, a sacred pilgrimage, an opus dei. A meaningful, symbolic, purposeful harmonic. Where every experience can be opened like a gift of potential musicality. A divine instrument of dance and poetry. Every day. Joyful pleasure, and practicality.

And with every journey, a plethora, an orchestra, a walk with nature. An experience of the wild and tame. A gentle experiment. A passionate contentment. An ordinary extraordinary. And vice versa. So much to see. Heartfelt. Mindful. Soulfully clear.

No matter where you go, or where you stay, your inner castle is always right here. And every exchange is a rich wholesome sphere.

I have been revisiting Robert Bly’s writing and poetry and have reconnected to his words that resonated so intently way back when.

‘…what is most alive of all is inside your own house, and so you walk from one holy city to the next’.

And so you are. Alive. Inside. Holy.

You are your home. Your essence. Always. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Moment by moment. You are creating. And cultivating. Your pilgrimage is always emerging. On your life’s journey. Passionately from within, a playful poetry of your story, is evolving. And the novel of the deeper, truer thing, becomes a daily endeavour. Always ready, to begin, and begin, and begin…

As the year of the fire rooster is now entering, and February claims the next doorsteps of your emerging, you may wish to enact your endeavours more intently. And create a journey of fresh perspectives. And a plethora of feel right opportunities, for your new beginnings.

Let me know if I may journey with you on generating your intentions and goals for 2017. You can begin with details of my coaching programs.

SaraSwati Shakti

Adapted from LovingPsycheblogspot, first published in 2013. 

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