I have recently re-acquainted myself with the ancient myth of Eros, or Amor, and Psyche, reigniting my passion for myth, archetype and story. And, given that I have recommended previously that Spring is a good time for seed sorting, I thought I would impart some of Psyche’s story, of what that may mean.

For those of you who may not know, ‘Psyche’ means Soul. And Psyche is also the Greek Goddess of the Soul. I came across Psyche’s Greek myth story shortly after I had named my business, serendipitous to describing the Loving Psyche mission. Because the myth focuses on the developmental tasks a woman must take to become whole.

And that is a task relevant to every person, and leader, in business. To become whole, and to create, a whole world.

Psyche had developmental tasks to achieve to succeed. You and I have tasks too. And I will focus on Psyche’s first task for you.

To sort the seeds.

Psyche had to spend the night in a granary filled with seeds of different sorts, and to sort them by daybreak.

It sounds like one of those deadlines that you may feel familiar with.

And what that means in modern day is to choose, what is right for you, in the whole scheme of things. Learning how to set priorities and decide on what really matters to you, your family, your work or business and team, and surroundings.

Fortunately for Psyche, when she grew most hopeless, ants appeared and taught her how to sort them, and helped her in need.

It gives a relevant message, like all good myth stories do, about making choices more lovingly to succeed, getting help when you need, taking care of what’s important and critical in dealing with people.

And in sorting your seeds as a leader you may think about yourself in a new way. Lovingly, humanly, and the why of your leadership. Because your happiness is vital, to you, and your work, and reflects on the people and world around you.

So how do you do that pragmatically?

  1. Love Yourself. Sort your needs and wants. Look honestly at where you are unhappy. Make changes. Increase your happiness vibration with self-development, enjoyment, and self-care. And while loving yourself can be challenging as you are confronted by uncertainties … deaths, redundancies, sickness, divorce, falling profits, numerous things, calling for resetting daily, you may need to find someone to help you when you’re in need. To sort your priorities, so that you can invest in your well-being. Each cycle of your life, and each event can test you, and your limits as a human being. Tune in to what makes you happy, peaceful, and fulfilled, and amplify it regularly.
  2. Love Your family. Your family, or anam cara, is anyone who you care deeply about. How do you invest in the relationships with them in time and interest? And, if you are a parent, that is your dharma, or purpose. Having children changes you, your life and what you do. And each change in the family paradigm requires adjustment. Having a baby, starting school, separations, illnesses, HSC exams, squabbles and romances, requires good support systems around you so you can lead them effectively. Consider living more simply, so that the time you spend together can be experienced more appreciatively. Prioritise what’s important.
  3. Love Your Work. Is your work, or some of it’s features, right for you? How aware are you of your likes, and dislikes, and in your relationships with those around you? This is where you spend much of your directional time, or external purpose, acting in the world. What are your values? What gives you flow? Does your work inspire you? And who do you serve? Capitalise on your strengths, and look at where you need to grow. Stocktake, individually and with those around you. And consider your allies, partners, and supporters, who increase your collective potential for consistently creating work that is valuable.
  4. Love Your Surroundings. Just like you, the earth and built environment provides a contribution too. And, just like you, others around you feel, love, hurt, and have a purpose too. Embrace them in your considerations as a part of the extension of the world that you create. Think of what you consume. And how you can use resources more consciously. Choose suppliers, products and processes that enhance you and the future in beauty, longevity, safety, and activity.

And don’t worry if you fall short of perfecting, because you get to improve around your Mandala of Wholeness regularly. It changes, while you change too, in the progressive evolving, that is right for you.

If you are seeking coaching assistance with your own Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness, and sorting the seeds for yourself, your people, or your workplace, feel free to contact me.

SaraSwati Shakti

The Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness guides coaching discussions to optimally deal with triggers that are presenting in the moment, while keeping an eye on the goals needed, throughout the coaching process.

It is a wholistic model developed by SaraSwati Shakti following years of coaching people through change, transition and leadership improvement. It encompasses the many areas that impact the coachee’s life, that affects their leadership development and style.

Working around it intuitively with coachees unblocks a range of derailers, and engages with a mindful awareness of the next actions needed to be taken for real, vital, ongoing development and growth.

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