Dealing with the physical and emotional elements of change warrants factoring in the psyches of the people adjusting. And the Sprints and Marathons needed for successful transition.

And because you and your people are much more than the hours spent at the workplace, assistance with maintaining wholeness, can have a positive impact on performance.

And that’s what I deal with when I coach people. I factor in their holistic wellbeing.

I drill into the broader aspects, of solving with them, issues that may impact their workplace and performance. Because, to live a life of value, purpose, and relevance, requires an ability to integrate a range of compartmentalised human components. That’s why the mandala of wholeness provides a great option to have robust discussions, with a therapeutic focus.

When people are dealing with personal and professional events that impact them, they are managing a range of emotional aspects that will also affect them. Whether it’s a conflict at home that is distracting their concentration, or an illness that is making them anxious, they are being challenged to maintain at their usual best performance. I help them with it.

As a coach, with a therapeutic and holistic focus, and extensive workplace leadership experience, I can assist coachees to more quickly tease out the issues affecting workplace progression.

One example is the interplay between family dynamics, and workplace relations.

It can be enlightening for coachees to discover that they are playing out unconscious behaviours repeatedly. I help uncover that with them when appropriate, and necessary, confidentially.

One coachee, a great performer normally, was acting out unusually. She was selected as a high potential for advancement and promotion. A hiccup occurred that was affecting it. I was asked to assist her with it. With a loving leadership coaching program.

Together we discovered a range of issues that she gained benefit from in the coaching process to assist her with her career progression. One of the most significant was a pattern of conflict from childhood relationships. She was under stress during a restructure, her workload was already significant, and the relationship between a new manager and colleague was placing a negative amount of pressure upon her. On uncovering the dynamics being played out in her unconscious process between them, she solved it. The breakthrough was evident as her behaviour, and wellbeing, changed positively, almost immediately. Her resilience, and brilliance, resurfaced. And, sprinting to the finishing line, she got the promotion after an internal selection process.

We are each whole human beings and sometimes that wholeness is challenged. Unexpected events can affect leadership balance, and the ability to last the distance.

Taking the time, to determine what may undermine, the next stage of development, is a worthy investment. The benefit, and wealth of experience of your people, and supporting them when there is a temporary aberration, can be invaluable to retaining them. A coaching intervention may be just what is needed to assist in maintaining the Sprints and Marathons necessary in leadership change and transition.

SaraSwati Shakti



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