How are you around change? And your openness to new conditions?

How well do you enter the places of the unfamiliar? And the areas of vulnerability within each endeavour?

When do you create spaces for contemplating? And a reverence, for the process, of managing uncertainties?

So that you can navigate transformative shifts from a position of self valuing.

Such marvellous questions!

The events of the past weeks globally, and the temperatures rising climatically, and energetically, are continuing evidence that the winds of change are accelerating, and having an enormous effect on every body, as we enter further into the heated cauldron of transformation. Collectively, and individually.

As leaders of self, and others, adopting and offering options to minimise and overcome stress, tension, and anxiety, in a rising climate of burnout, instability and difficulty, requires an emotional intelligence of prevention, attention, and tolerance.

As you and your people walk into areas that are unfamiliar, that worry you, that challenge you, that can become a continuing stressor, consider the benefits of some strategies, to proactively implement, as a burnout preventor.

Building in extra loving care for you, and those around you, now, is a serious matter.

Anticipating and self-monitoring for the joy factor, the quiet creation of connection and communication for individual and team validation, and the spaces for contemplation, and resource allocation, as a preventative measure, is a necessary element for a sustainable and vibrant human factor.

Before finding a cure, for coping with burnout, becomes a more common personal or workplace denominator, consider it a useful exercise to put wellbeing at the forefront, of your everyday and yearly planner.


  1. Slowing down to speed up. So many dysfunctions occur when jumping to conclusions, choosing band aid solutions, missing out on the opportunities to listen, to opinion.
  2. Allowing time for the right solution to simmer. Moving too quickly can deprive you and your people of the space necessary to come up with more solutions creatively, allowing for data, evidence, and options to appear, so that greater clarity, and best-fit decision-making, become clear.
  3. Planning your schedule more productively. Make sure there is space for the unscheduled surprises that are inevitable. And holding un-interruptable time in your diary, so that you too can get the oxygen intake that you need to fill your tank regularly.
  4. Scheduling holidays, past-times, down-time and adventures that provide energetic sustenance and restfulness, that suit your soul and personality, so that you can resume with added zest, perseverence,and positivity.
  5. Regularly review your well-being barometer for tiredness, over-reliance on coping mechanisms, and your emotional temperature. And factor in circuit-breakers that are life affirming.

Rest, relaxation, hydration, adequate sleep, therapy, coaching, meditation, self-care and awareness, healthy eating habits, playfulness, sharing responsibilities and partnering, to ease tension, can provide exactly the heatproof conditions for maintaining stamina and resilience.

Call it your new endeavour, so that you can gracefully walk yourself and others through the weather, and stay accountable for your Selfhood, as temperatures potentially rise to new levels.

SaraSwati Shakti




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