I have been contemplating what to say at this turning point, with 2020 in sight. And three themes, to review, appreciate and renew, using quotes from literature and poetry, emerged, to guide the write.

  • To review the last decade:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, from Charles Dickens.

We’ve all had losses, we’ve all had gains. It’s part of the process the human contains.

We have witnessed and experienced polarised tensions, anxieties and conditions. And we have seen and enabled significant solutions, heartwarming emergence, and multilevel improvements.

It is amazing what ten years can reveal, and achieve.

And I have been listing, the turning points in my life, over that time. And there have been many. The wonderful and joyous. And the challenging.

Each of us has been confronted, or delighted, with truths, wake-up calls, ah-ha moments, and enlightenments.

And at each point of these transitions came moments of reflection, and the opportunity to choose new conditions. To harness the ability for thrival, and resilience. To practice, and act on, positivity, love, durability, patience, and purpose.

Perhaps you can pinpoint the turning points, in the inner and outer life of things, that were greater than you had previously credited, as you look back with nostalgia, and validate your own journey, with favour.

Turning points that moved you toward unity, community, peaceful reliability in your own thrivability, and an understanding of your power and validity in transcending the uncertain weather of every changing opportunity.

You may be surprised by how much you see.

  • To harness the energy of the end of the decade, and in particular, 2019:

We bless this year for all we learned, For all we loved and lost, And the quiet way it brought us, Nearer to our invisible destination, by John O’Donohue.

There is no doubt that 2019 has brought some extraordinary private processes, public events, and healing doses.

Sometimes we were challenged to abandon paths and plans, and to adapt to changing conditions. And at others to step up and take the reigns to create improved conditions.

Whether it has been about standing apart, or being a contributor, we have each been a part, of collective solutions.

Understanding and recognising that personal transformations, and passion projects, contribute, in small and large ways, to multidimensional human transitions … at global, environmental, institutional and family levels, makes the power we wield, incredibly real.

As each event, truth and reality surfaced, on personal, local and global scales, we have been presented with new opportunities and predicaments that have taken us into transformations, renewed consciousness, and improved decisions. Actions that have demanded that we change, and make new choices. Choices that enable us to select how we grow. Blessed by what we have learned and know.  With the mandala of wholeness seeds that we sow:

Overall, and daily choices, in how we are aware of, take care of, and actualise ourselves

Managing our families and relationships with care and connection

Creating workplaces of mutual respect, purpose, validation and human engagement

Fostering surroundings that inspire and contribute to human thrival and wellbeing.

  • For a new decade in the making:

We are the ones we have been waiting for, from June Jordan.

We are here, we are alive, and we are responsible. And every choice is powerful. In how we participate, and activate.

As leaders, each in our own way, we are challenged to harness opportunities for humanities ongoing wake-up calls and predicaments. To strengthen pro-active and positive conditions for loving and living longevity. And to foster the perpetual arrival of thrival, growth, validity, and dignity, collectively.

Each global, and local turning point, may demand that we change, and walk into new stages of our own growth and fulfillment, as exemplars, for the next waves, of human gains.

How we show up makes a difference. As is how we foster our brilliance.

Visualise what that difference and brilliance may look like for you, and those around you, and revel in the greatfulness of what has been, and what will present as new.

Have a marvelously wonderful entry into 2020, and a fulfilling decade of ongoing loving, and living, plenty.

SaraSwati Shakti



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