I have always marveled at the acronym, or initialism, HR. That it stands for both Human Resources, and for Heart Rate.

Enlightening, isn’t it!

Particularly as you align with the idea that it is people that are the life blood of an organisation.

  • They are human.
  • They are full of life.
  • They have unlimited potential.
  • And they can keep your organisation’s growth and expansion actively in sight, as you treat them right.

Consider how

  • Too high a Heart Rate of change has health implications. Panic, stress, anxiety, excessive excitement, and hyper-tension. Long term adrenaline, can lead to fatigue, burnout, mistakes, affects on concentration, and mismanagement.


  • Not enough attention to Human Resources capabilities, and aspects of change, can also create costly re-work, and affect the retention of the most talented in your organisation.

There is no doubt that mental health and holistic and physical well-being are increasingly topical issues when it comes to sustaining effective rates of growth, longevity, expansion, and the retention of talent, for an organisation.

I deal with these issues regularly in my coaching with people.

Optimising the Heart Rate of people in transition requires trust, confidence and right relationship. Relationship with people in the process of change and decision-making. And relationship with Human Resources Specialists to guide you and your people to the right change solutions that may be necessary.

And while, as a leader, you are always responsible for the Groups you are leading, it is inevitable that there will be aspects that will challenge you.

In my experience, many a problem has been circumvented, and goodwill and growth has been fostered, with well resourced Human Resource/Heart Rate Leadership. And programs for effectively managing people in transition, whether they are staying, or leaving.

If you would like to create a healthier leadership experience for yourself, or your people going through change and transition, I currently have coaching program openings available. Feel free to connect with me about your needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

SaraSwati Shakti


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