I was reminded in a conversation recently about one of my favourite movie scenes. It is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. One of many cinematic storytelling experiences that epitomises an archetypal hero’s journey, and a filmwatching pastime in which you may have been indulging, during your stay at home winter hibernating.

The scene is a great segway into the storytelling, of leaping into a new seasonal beginning.

The scene I am referring to is where Harrison Ford has to cross the vast chasm and take a leap of faith. He can’t see the path to reach his destination. Yet, when he throws sand out into the emptiness in front of him, the bridge that crosses the ravine reveals itself. It shows up, and meets him, so he can proceed, with intention, more openly. He paves the way with each new step he takes.

That’s a bit like maneuvering transitions, creations, and changes, in life. When you have faith, what you need, with grace, you meet. The right time, place and conversation, can create the bridge that keeps you going. With each action or step you take. On your hero(ine)’s journey.

The promise of what could be, and the reality of how to proceed, start to reveal themselves, progressively, in the present.

Transitions are by their nature a combination of purposeful action, and mystery. There can be clarity and uncertainty, movement and waiting, and elation as well as anxiety. Yet, each step creates the next meet or greet. And, as you follow, trusting your heart and mind, more of the mystery is revealed. Helping you reach, your destination, as it is unfolding.

With each choice or decision, you set an intention, have a mission, are full of purpose, and when you can’t quite see how it is going to pan out, you let go. And see. Taking each step as it reveals itself, wholeheartedly. While knowing intrinsically, that in each moment, you will, with faith, be able to enable the next right component. Along your Paved Way.

And oftentimes, it’s not until hindsight, that you see the story you were making, along the road you were undertaking. One of the things I find most gratifying is seeing people at the end of their progressive journeys, marveling at the bravery of the chasms of uncertainties, that they have surmounted, in their hero(ine) stories.

And that happens when you set your foundations. When you do the preparation. For the flow to take affect. And trust the process. With your unshakable focus. Of self determination. And the willingness to take 100% commitment, for your destiny, with each decision, with unwavering clarity.

And yes, you may have some setbacks. And that can be part of the nervous adventure. Making it undeniably interesting. Before you continue to get back, on track, in your wholesome, heartfelt and purposeful venture.

Because You know. Why. You are here. And you move with a purpose clear. Grateful, for every opportunity. To create a life that is unstintingly, full, whole, and dear.

And as you continue to lead from the centre of your wholeness mandala. Taking great strides as you pave with each changing life hour. Pay attention to balancing the quadrants of your Self, Family, Work, and Surroundings, while gaining traction, with your momentum.

For each of you, taking on brave new adventures, as the world opens up again, with you at your centre, may the road rise up to meet you, and greet you, while Grace lifts you, as you continue along your Paved Way.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser, and coach with success leading individual, organisational and social change and transformation. She received her graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute and Bachelor of Business and graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology Sydney. Sara works with professionals to hero their next stage of leadership development, to create more fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces, and to manage gracefully through a process of successful transition.

Copyright. All rights reserved.

Adapted from an article written by SaraSwati Shakti in lovingpsycheblogspot, 2014.

One Small Step

Or One Giant Leap

A Whole World Awaits

At Your Feet.


SaraSwati Shakti

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