It has come to that time, when, like many of you, I will be taking a break for the remainder of the year. To prepare for Christmas cheer, with friends and family, and to tie up loose ends as they appear.

To take the time for rest and fun. And to admire all that’s done.

To appreciate a re-view of amazing achievements by coachees enhancing in welfare, self-care and leadership, as I walked beside them this year. Completing the final workplace meditations, amongst team gatherings. And closing a chapter on my own key personal and professional milestones for 2017.

And what a year it has been!

Such extraordinary scenery we have been witnessing.

Locally, attitudinally, societally, and on the world scene. Participating in the change we are confronting, and inspiring. With so much that has been touching our lives incalculably.

Often, overwhelming.

I will be taking the time, to Sit, And Admire, the good things, before moving on, to what the next year brings.

To enjoy a ritual in celebrating. Giving thanks for what has been. Honestly critiquing what the year has seen and what, to me, it all did mean.

And to contemplate new traction presenting, as I take in the aroma, of the learning and wonder, of 2017.

Pausing. Before a new year beginning.

Perhaps you too can consider where your footsteps have been, before moving on to your next thing.

To Sit, And Admire, how far you’ve come. And to let your heart be inspired, by all that’s done.

To Sit and Admire. And Prepare. For new things to come.

Have a marvellous Christmas. Remember to clothe yourself in love: for yourself, your family, your work, and your surroundings, maintaining your mandala of wholeness wellbeing.

And gain refreshment, for your renewed Loving Psyche for 2018, with the added fine-tuning that new changes can bring.

My doors will remain open for existing clients and coachees to book in. New clients can contact me for programs they may wish to start in the new year.

SaraSwati Shakti


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