Change changes you. Isn’t it true.

And that’s what I observed in some beautiful tales of journeying in the stunning documentary Walking the Camino, Six Ways to Santiago, that I watched again recently. Have you seen it?

It helped me to ponder on the Coaching Camino’s that I have witnessed with my coachees while on their coaching journeys with me.

An opportunity, for change, changing them, authentically.

The Camino de Santiago is described as a 500 mile journey of faith. And a journey to self. And my reflection likened it to therapeutic coaching. Where through change, a camino is unfolding, for a life transforming. And a substantial opportunity for growing.

Change may present in a number of ways.

An event may have occurred that has rocked your world. Or there may be something stirring within that needs exploring. Perhaps you are noticing, something is amiss with you, or with one of your people.

A Coaching Camino may be just what is necessary. Offering a self focused process of learning. Challenging where you have been, and making the changes, that are needed, to newly begin. Fostering a Loving Psyche that is uniquely inspiring. And creating a joy of focusing on a renewed sense of development, for a future that is more vibrant.

For 1200 years the Camino de Santiago has been walked. And I appreciated the descriptions of the process…it’s not easy, it’s not always sunshine, it can be rain, there are parts of the road that are difficult, it’s not a stroll, it’s not just about arriving at a place. It’s living, it’s feeling.

It is indeed like transitional therapeutic coaching, if taken seriously.

It is real. In the moment true, to the person, as they peel away what is difficult in the process. And marvel, at completions, of how the rewards, vital to them, can be endless.

Allowing them to find those parts of themselves that they have forgotten, or have laid dormant. Discover elements that are ripe for development. And explore that deeper edge that has gone missing, and wants to enliven, again. The bigger Self that’s there, and can influence their mandala of wholeness with a newer richness of experience.

And as the film reiterated so beautifully…

‘It’s an internal Camino. It’s a process toward the heart, towards what’s inside, and we discover the expanded universe’.

‘Transcending corporeal concerns and celebrating the hero within’.

Profound moments often present when people travel their unique Coaching Camino. And inner change always precedes outer reflection.

Moving around their mandala elements, travelling through challenges, and celebrating victories, with the transformation it brings becomes the focus.

And living renewed again, as their camino proceeds.

And that’s why I love what I do, helping people come to see that it’s true. Being their witness. Showing them that they are not alone and have a guide with them. And seeing them do extraordinary things, both big and small, significant to them, in their dreams and life experiences. Keeping them on track to awakening to the possibilities that have, and can present, for them. In the trials and tribulations they surmount, the roadblocks and doors they encounter, and the combinations of action and surrender, that come about for them. Working towards their next fulfilling situation.

I have coaching programs available for you or your people, offering a journey of development and exploration with tangible assistance.

All Loving Psyche coachees who have participated in the 12 session Total Transition program have been successful in reaching their new situations upon the program’s completion. And coachees in each of the other programs have reported attaining their goals, gaining valuable transition skills and self-insights, and receiving assistance with decisions that have spear-headed them toward their next stage of transformation, and new situation. A coaching camino that is valuable to them, and your organisation.

Please contact me for any details if you, or your people, need transition assistance.

SaraSwati Shakti

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