I recently posted about the benefits of enchantment when navigating through times of challenge.

As we now hit the half way point through the year, and a mid year hurdle in winter wellness and collective wellbeing, it is opportune to gain another reminder of Self Care, as topmost, in awareness. To hero(ine) an ongoing practice, for mantaining a Self Care Aware status…


S E L F   C A R E   

S = Sound Sleep. Ensuring a peaceful bedtime, wind down, routine. With some sleep nutrition tips

= Energising Breath. Pranayama; breathing in nature; full, regular circulatory breaths and/or conscious attention to when you hold or reverse your breath, and some information for those curious about breathing, and breathing techniques

L = Loving Relationships. Investing in self, and others, with joy, leisure, pleasure, communication, attention, listening; and collaborating, on addressing needs and priorities, coordinating duties and activities, and pastime engaging.

= Food and Drink. Watching what you are partaking, ensuring that it is nourishing, and consuming fewer toxins, addictions and additives. Drink plenty of, life enforcing oxygen rich, water, to keep your system optimally cleansing and circulating.


= Compassionate Attention to how you are acting and reacting, and taking time to reflect, and correct. Forgiving yourself and others for mistakes, and shortfalls, and empathising when tensions escalate.

= Active Movement. Exercising, stretching, dancing, walking, running, cycling…whatever keeps your body engaged, strong, flexible, and supple. At home; or in nature for the added benefits of life force elements.

= Rest and Relaxation. The art of being, doing nothing, staring at the clouds, into space, or enjoying a pastime that gets you in the zone, in flow, with an inner glow. Learning to relax and rest. Check in with the tendency to glorify busy’ness, and schedule time in, your diary, for unwinding, and enjoying, idling. Restraining the need to race, for more savouring, noticing, and quieting.

= Ease through meditative or prayerful practice, and/or a Pace of Peace, even at this time of year, for a little holy cheer.

Choose what is right for your unique preferences, and your inner nature, as you navigate your ongoing hero(ine) adventure.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright. All rights reserved.

SaraSwati Shakti is an integrative coach, psychotherapist and educator who assists people with wellbeing through change and transition. She holds graduate qualifications in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Adult Education, and Business. Sara has also trained in various therapeutic and spiritual practices and traditions and applies her knowledge and skills to meet clients where they are at, as their needs present, in the moments of working through their involving and evolving mandala of wholeness.


Rest, in Nature


SaraSwati Shakti


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