It has come to that time of year, when time has sped up. Or so it would appear, as we’ve edged toward the end of year. 

That time of year when things have become particularly frantic. As the heart beat has been racing to keep up, with all the extra tasks, last minute activities, and readying the Christmas stuff.

A frazzling, of end of school ceremonies, meeting people you missed on seeing, throughout the year, and getting in the last minute networking, for a new business year. All while making sure your teams are indulging in extra cheer, and racing to meet deadlines, with fewer break times.

Christmas cards, carols and holiday films, shopping expeditions, and decorating bling, may have taken up more of your head time, and actually depleted your heart time. Depending on how you may have been approaching it.

Staying centred and focused on how your heart feels, at this traditional time of year, is the actual indulgence you may need.

I wrote a piece about it last year. A PACE of PEACE that you might like to re-visit, and apply, for this year

Because all that rushing about can be such fun, until…it’s not! And you have burnt out the real feeling of Christmas, in your attempt to keep UP.

Perhaps, instead, you can slow right DOWN, and ground.

So you move further into the final days of December, with some value time, and a gentler sound.

Value time. To listen. To The Breathings of Your Heart.

For how you would like to complete the year, and the end of the month.

Making decisions. With your Heart.

Savouring, and Favouring, Love. 

Listening. To the Breathings. Of Your Heart.

Approaching the holidays, the wish lists, and the gatherings, with some real heart listening.

To what, for you, is just right. 

Experiencing the packagings, playful happenings, and reminiscing, with some deeper and richer, breathing out, and breathing in.

Blending in, your Heart Whisperings, into a rhythmic feeling, of whole full things.

And taking advantage of the extra love opportunities for indulging, in your annual rituals, of gift giving, togetherness, and Summer Sun.

Have a lovely, blessing filled, Christmas, and some rest, for readying, for your Mandala of Wholeness new year.

SaraSwati Shakti

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