One of my favourite pastimes is bushwalking. Finding new walks that are not so easily marked. Going off the trodden way, to have a look see, with curiosity, and finding new things to marvel in, before getting back on path. A lovely analogy, on the life of the explorative heart.

That is what it is like to find yourself in the questions, and learnings, of life’s hatchlings, lessons, and blessings.

While others have gone before, for you it’s new. For you, the trails and coves, will present in ways, that have different momentum, and rest spots, and connections, that are necessarily only yours to take, as you make decisions on the paths that you create.

I too have found myself in that place, where changes, whether I have elected them, or where they have presented, have taken me on a new course. Events that have been voluntary, and some that were surprising. Offering an adventure that can be exciting, and terrifying. Letting loose of the grip as I saw it, releasing my hands off the safety bars of life. Trusting the paths of meanderings and the places of certainty, as they were presenting.

Starting a business, manouvering a divorce. Balancing career change and parenting. Relocating. Moving into a new role. Sometimes all concurrently. Impacting social and organisational change initiatives. Managing health and wellbeing. Any number of things, that mark beginnings, endings, and the uncertainties, and stirrings, they bring.

Each of these can be challenging. Triggering. Baffling. Particularly while you are in a position of leading. Yourself, and others. And communing with your lifestream: your team, workplace, family, and surroundings.

And each of them offers new possibilities. Pathways toward reconfiguring. A new, more authentic way of being. And creating a life of loving.

Travelling the inner and outer pathway, an exhilarating, consuming, and engaging experience. Finding the way, in the dark, toward each enlightenment. And working the way from a place of wilderness toward verdant achievement. Creating room for the journey of fulfillment. And full bloom. One that is uniquely valuable to you.

And that’s what I do well.

I work with leaders and professionals who find themselves in the wilderness, the questions, and the notions and emotions, that they are inadequate, to take on the task of newness presenting to them. Allowing them to both plan, and let go, to the experience. And make decisions right for them, and their sphere of influence. Getting comfortable with uncertainty. Combining trust and action in the clarity unfolding, of finding the new path of their greater destiny, unfolding.

Wandering, and wondering, how they are going to lead themselves and others through it, and in it, and continue on their next way, can be eased with tangible coaching steps along the way.

If you are finding yourself in the wilderness, the confusion, or the questions, or you are an organisation that has people who may need coaching assistance, I have a range of programs with tangible steps, for selection. Please feel free to connect with me with an inquiry.

SaraSwati Shakti

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