There is no doubt that the last year has presented many opportunities for deep healing. Amazing chances, and choices, to overcome, and wade through challenges, with intense feeling. And the opportunity, to cultivate joy, and to appreciate, more greatly, what we hold dearly.

There is nothing like the contrast of what is not going well to shine a spotlight on where improvements can take effect. And where the work continues, to focus attention, with ongoing moments for reflection. With much more to be, and do, as we turn towards plans to enter 2022.

And before we do, take a moment to ease into December, and the end of the year. To look back triumphantly. At where you were in January, what you have walked through, and how you have arrived now, here. At the tail end of a recovery, and an ongoing year of discovery. A journey of might, and unity, pinpointed by a greater commonality of vulnerability, yet a stronger, and more hopeful, humanity.

Perhaps you can reflect on the achievements that you have impacted, deep and wide, big and small, where nothing is insignificant, in the rippling effect. Everything that is deep and true, in quadrants of the mandala of wholeness that is unique to you.

And acknowledge to yourself those moments you have surmounted, those hills, mountains and inner battles you have conquered, and those precious connections that were heartfelt. And bring those with you, in your backpack of strengths, as you ease into a new year, after a good rest.

To say I’m Triumphantly, Proud of Me, as you prepare for the end of another momentous year.

SaraSwati Shakti

Triumphantly, Proud of Me.

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti uses her art and poetry as focal points for reflection, using words and images that focus moments of attention. Her mandala’verse collection has emerged from years of drawing on inner questions and healings personally, with her clients, and the collective. Sacred moments of musings. She keeps them in raw form to highlight transitioning.

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