There is a large liquid amber tree in my front garden. With the long, hot, Sydney Summer, it has stayed green, for much longer.

Autumn colours have been delayed. Greener leaves, have been holding on, before they change, their shade.

And today, just on it’s topmost crown, the leaves had turned, a golden dark brown.

Sometimes it’s hard to know, what and when, to let go.

Yet, a time comes, that some things must pass, to make way for new growth. To release, like Autumn leaves, layers of old.

And though there is no fool proof plan for any journey you may be taking. Or project you may be undertaking. Even Autumn’s arrival has been unpredictable in it’s changing!  What is waiting, is perhaps a journey worth defining.

If leaves represented time, skills, attitudes, thoughts, habits, wishes and dreams, of what is important to you, what would you envision your tree would look like next Spring? What new growth would you like to take hold?

And what leaves can you let go?

So you may be lighter in your being.

So you may feel the sun shine upon you, what you do, and where you may be aspiring to.

So that new growth, unimpeded, can continue.

As Autumn now starts to turn into softer colours, and a cooler earth, consider, like the tree, what solidity you may need. And what, as a necessity, can leave.

SaraSwati Shakti


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