One of the difficulties that presents, in moving seamlessly through transitions, is ruminating about the past. The should have’s, the could have’s, and the wish I had’s, that can cling to the psyche, with persistence.

And it often comes up when losing things in the roundabout of life. A job, a relationship, a dream unmet, a goal never set.

Regrets and unmet expectations can really create setbacks. And while there is a time for reckoning that may be needed for learning, getting stuck there is potentially derailing. Recognising the voice of dissension about whether there is a need for a new investment is the first step in negotiation…between the past, that is now gone, and the future, that you are waiting to take on.

And what that negotiation looks like is different for everyone. Teasing out the unique aspects that require focus, for a new centre of control locus, requires tenacity and gentle encouragement, as you negotiate between the past and the present, and create a future that is more vibrant.

Deep held beliefs, stories you have told yourself, an image you presented, may no longer be relevant, and may thwart true self-awareness, and the ability to authentically move forward. For whatever new direction you need to set, getting to the root of you and your wholeness, personally and for your team and organisation, can be worth the effort for a life of greater contentment, no matter when you begin the process.

Making peace with your unlived life, and recognising that you can make improvements, and/or renewed commitments, in context, at any stage of your lifespan development, creates a genuine aspect for living a life of fullness.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream, said the marvellous C. S. Lewis.

And it’s never too late to change direction. To create new momentum. To rise to the occasion, of laying new foundations. For a future that better fits your new sense of perception, and puts you more greatly into your element.

The past is done. Your task is to create a future rich in the present. Because you can only really start with a clear slate from right here and right now, with each decision, for betterment.

Your future is always calling you, right here and right now, optioning you to find a better way, for moving on, for lighter days. For new dreams, and habits, improvement and joyessence, that sets you continuously on purpose, as you negotiate your newness.

Loving Psyche coaching programs can be just what you or your people need to make the changes you wish to see.

SaraSwati Shakti

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