Many of you have seen me post my original mandalas and verses. I find them a useful tool for spreading inspirations for loving psyche development, and to get a wellbeing message out succinctly, to you.

I mix them amongst my blogs, because, as any educator knows, people take in information in a variety of forms. And every therapist knows that art, in any form, helps to foster the development of neural pathways between left and right brain hemisphere elements.

And it has occurred to me, that occasionally, you may like to read about the backstories of some of my mandala drawings, and their meanings.

Many of my mandalas do indeed have a story. Rich in symbolism and meaning. That is why mandalas are so beautiful and powerful to me. They are like a photograph, or a snapshot, of a message, or a scene. Their own revealing poetry. And though they are relevant broadly, they have a personal perspective.

Here, in short form, is one such story. Of how one of my mandalas, found itself evolving, after an event one evening, while I was reflecting…

In a tall corporate office building. I was busy handling client meetings.

On this one particular day I had a window. In my schedule. One I specifically put there. Because it was going to be monumental.

A foyer of that city skyscraper had a large screen television. Running news all day.

On this one particular day I chose to view it. Standing. In front of the large screen. Watching. An amazing scene.

The Prime Minister of Australia had something important to say. And so did Parliament, on this one particular day.

One word.

One very important word.


History in the making.

Something extraordinary.

And I watched it.

With no-one beside me. People rushing past me. In that super busy office building.

Tears in my eyes. At what I was witnessing. My heart opening. With gratitude. For this restorative act and attitude.

That evening it emerged in a mandala scene. My inner plane, showing me, that event, and what it meant to me, meaningfully.

In that structured office building, with barely another person noticing, this amazing happening.

I, in my window, alone, heart beaming, loudly.

And it only occurred to me recently that some of it closely reflects the indigenous flag colouring. So much to see, in the interpreting, and perspectives, of meaning.

The mandala is now called Clearly Heart. And it has it’s own verse that emerged later. It can be seen, sans backstory, in my book Heart Art mandala’verse. .

SaraSwati Shakti


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