It is amazing what can be created in just one minute.

Yesterday I drew a sketch. It took one minute. It wasn’t perfect. Yet it created a minute of meditative pause, and a small piece of beauty, that wasn’t there previously. After a period of stressful activity. And it set my tone subsequently, differently.

And it got me thinking. In analogy.

About what can be created, or destroyed, in just one minute.

Think about it!

With an act. Or some words. Consciously, or unconsciously. In just one small minute.

Trust? Respect? Worth? Beauty? Peace? Unity?

So much can happen in just one small minute. Of proactive, or reactive, triggering.

It is worth considering. When you are building a team, or a following. When performance reviewing. When child raising. When self-critiquing. When relating. When communicating. When enacting, your duty.

Are you creating, and building?

Or are you demolishing?

Trust. Respect. Worth. Beauty. Peace. Unity.

In your moment by moment actions and tone, of transfiguring, transforming, dealing, and pausing.

At the current climate of fast paced actions, and media reactions, consider the type of wordsmith, champion, performer, responder, and/or craftsperson, you are, as a leader.

Making a world of difference, in each one small, mindful, momentous, minute.

SaraSwati Shakti


SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser, and coach with success leading individual, organisational, and social change and transformation. She received her graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Jansen Newman Institute and graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Bachelor of Business from University of Technology Sydney. Sara works with professionals to hero their next stage of leadership development, to create more fulfilling lives and workplaces, and to manage gracefully through a process of successful transition.

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