Love thy neighbour as thyself….It would do us good to take this thing somewhat to heart, especially the phrase “as thyself”.

How can I love my neighbour if I do not love myself?

How can we be altruistic if we do not treat ourselves decently?

But if we treat ourselves decently, if we love ourselves, we make discoveries, and then we see what we are and what we should love”.

These words by Carl Jung largely epitomise why Self is at the top of the Loving Psyche Mandala of Wholeness coaching process.

While each of the quadrants are interdependent, it is the Self, that is the dominant consideration for holistic leadership wellness. Because each of us has our own mission, dharma, and unique contribution.

There is no doubt that the world is under enormous change and pressure, and consequently so are we. And there is no surprise therefore that mental, physical and psychological health, safety and well-being is in the spotlight. For each of us.

To lead a new and better world into being, requires a rigorous regular check in, with individual self-awareness and well-being, and that of your families, and teams.

Because, to thrive in this intensity, requires buoyancy.

And you too, like the rest of the world around you, is always evolving, and may be experiencing a range of factors which could be challenging in how you are leading and transitioning.

Filling your own cup first, as you serve, and lead, becomes a regular self-responsibility. And a foundation for inspired influencing.

Offering from a wellspring of fullness, love and positive intention, rather than depletion, resentment or deception, are paramount to a new world order development. One that fosters harmony, cooperation, collaboration, and peaceful co-existence.

When you truly love yourself, you honour others, in loving themselves, too. You build relationship dynamics that work for each individual. And you create communities of Self responsibility, leading from example and establishing support systems that foster each person’s uniqueness, and their independent and sovereign contributions.

Being honest with yourself, about your needs. And deciding that it is you, that you need to love and please, is the key. Your wellness ripples as positivity, into everyone and everything around you, influencing tangibly, and vibrationally.

As you move toward the starting point of Spring, consider some points on what you may need for your leadership well-being.

  • What behaviours, thoughts, ideas, attitudes and/or decisions need a clean, for improving self love, worth, and esteem?
  • What new discoveries will allow you to treat yourself more decently, and take actions that are Self affirming, and loving?
  • What developmental opportunities, passion projects, and career directions would you find inspiring and worth exploring?
  • What stresses, inner or outer testimonies, and/or substances or dependencies are potentially masking your authenticity?
  • What self care routines can you undertake daily? What are you ignoring? And what new habits would be more loving?

Practice self inquiry, scanning your body for how you are feeling, how you are acting and reacting, and what you are needing. And inject time and moments for self-reflection, meditation, and keeping your consciousness holistically pristine. They will add value to being loving, and forward moving.

The choices and decisions you make, will be different from anyone else, because you are your own unique mandala, and complex organism.

If it is new to you to think about you, perhaps it is time to review. To hero your next stage of development. To validate your Self, as the first point of reference, in your Loving Psyche wholeness, for smoother change and transitions.

Contact me regarding Loving Psyche program offerings for yourself, or members of your team.

SaraSwati Shakti


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