Love comes in many fragrances, traditions, relationships and conditions. And to take opportunities to spend some quality time and space, with a grateful pace, for the aroma of love to receive an extra embrace, is a chance for added grace.

To appreciate what it is in the gardens that we cultivate. For our selves, families, work and surroundings. That resonate with, and validate, our diversity, universality, and humanity. And the loving psyches that we are constructing.

Each year gives an opportunity to relish in what you have been achieving, what you may be planting, and what you are experiencing, in your seasonal landscaping of giving and receiving, in the language of love purpose, and meaning.

To choose and nurture the flowers, botanics and organics that best propagate the garden beds of your mandala of wholeness with colour, beauty and vitality, so that it’s architecture of flora appeals to you, and contributes to those around you.

Visualising, and admiring your mixture of horticulture arrangements, and placements, of floral fragrance amazements.

To becoming a master gardener. Creating, and revealing, a purer flowering of loving, as you engage in the gift giving of heart centred living.

And fostering that irresistible feeling of your heart expanding, and radiating, to the people and things that you love with a garden designed to ignite and excite peace, passion, beauty, joy and wellbeing.

Have a remarkable heart centred, and positively healthful, playful, and fragrant planting of love gardening, with plentiful, abundant blossoming.

SaraSwati Shakti

Pure Love Flowering

SaraSwati Shakti

SaraSwati Shakti is a leadership coach and healing practitioner who uses art as metaphor as part of an integrative process of coaching to highlight a message of love in transition towards wholeness and a fulfilling life of loving mission. Inspiring people of all traditions to embrace their contribution to love in attitude and action for holistic wellbeing.

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