Here we are, again, working through the darkness, of another cleansing, that arises in the collective psyches of the Anima Mundi (or World Soul).

Standing, at the precipice, of another correction. Being challenged to re-align with what it is to be diversely divine, as the light shines solidly on what next needs healing. To be here, in love, for all that we, individually, and collectively, are experiencing.

To choose how we see…everybody. A black, white, and multicoloured, united, Soul-body.

To determine what we create, in humankind’s fate. And how to lead in attitude, action and beatitude, in the face of emerging, and continuing, uncertaintude.

A firm stance in examining behaviours, and creating new endeavours, moving forward. Because sometimes the deepest truths can be unsavoury, and confronting.

There are deep wounds of oppression, of a master and servant mentality, and repression, rather than sovereign and mutual equality, and self-possession, surfacing. And when that happens, with the brutal trigger, of the death of ‘a nigger’* the fallout is inevitably significant, and electrifying. It is hurtful, and hurting. As is evident in what we are witnessing.

Just one trigger, as history has repeatedly shown us, is all it takes, to challenge the human race.

Love is again calling.

What is needed next, is not the cruel death and destruction of another person, but the death of behaviours, words, and labels, which hold so strongly in so many psyches, and which have been underlying attitudinal contributors to oppressive societies.

To surgically remove them, with painstaking care, for improvement, like persistent weeds, to bring about change, the world so desperately needs.

Conducting audits of where things are at in each of our houses…the self, family, workplace and surroundings…where we have an influence, or have been complicit. Considering more love, and authenticity in how we are able to show up more supportively:

  • Looking at leadership groups and whether they are open to opinions, and reflective of diverse peoples. Identifying where there is resistance, and how to bridge the distance, for better representation.
  • Checking in with language, and phrasing used. Whether it builds, or belittles, people. And how to catch it, and address it.
  • Examining rhetoric concerning inclusivity, and whether it is solidly backed up by evidence, and/or statistical and visual validity.
  • Determining whether there are deeper biases or subversive behaviours that go unnoticed, or are covertly or conveniently ignored or promoted, and how to unearth them, and educatively rectify for them.
  • Addressing proper cultural skilling, and developing opportunities for participation in decision making, where groups that are impacted have a say in direction setting.

We are doomed to repeat, what we repeat. And are at risk of being brought to our knees, again, and again, for generations of unresolved ailments. Unless we can better consider how to:

  • Focus on dignity, as an entitlement for all peoples in society, and
  • Move beyond deeply held divisive historical attitudes, hurtful ‘childish’ aggressive and/or humour-veiled labels, and repeated oppressive story-telling, so that everyone can grow more optimally.

…in a garden of diverse blossoming.

Heal the wounds, and correct the historical biases, that undermine the wholeness and flourishing of groups of peoples. And build authentic bridges of reconciliations across, and between, the garden beds of multi-coloured contributions. Embed a new way, for the world to be led, more equally, emphatically. Not as a tick a box mentality, but a real active decision in the undertaking.

Leading may not be easy. You can’t please everybody. Yet sometimes it is worth considering ‘Good for All, or Not at All’ as a mantra for adopting.

And yes, leadership requires self-examination and reflection. Feeling it. Loving the unlovable in it. Owning mistakes. Strategically purifying weeds so that diverse gardens can be more lovingly embraced. Taking actions conscionably.

And building understanding in relationship. We are already seeing some of it. Don’t miss that part of it. It is worth amplifying.

Then, perhaps, a more ‘child-like’ innocence, of playful, beautiful, relational and intelligent creational gardens of inclusiveness, that embrace wholeness and harmony across the races, can emerge more consciously in the new collective pilgrimage, we are in.

What a dream that would be.

And ‘As the fever of the day calms toward twilight, May all that is strained come to ease…And no hurt or harm be done, Anywhere along the holy mountain’ ~ said John O’Donohue, For Peace.

For the sake of a healing Anima Mundi, let’s again, for peace, begin…

SaraSwati Shakti

*This article is written with honour and respect to George Floyd, and his family. May he rest in peace, and forgive me for the term used to illustrate a point in the piece, which I did indeed wrestle with. Black Lives Matter, unquestionably!

SaraSwati Shakti is a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, educator, adviser and coach with success leading individual, organisational and social change and transformation. She received her graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy for Jansen Newman Institute and a Bachelor of Business and Graduate Certificate in Adult Education from University of Technology, Sydney. Sara works with professionals to hero their next stage of leadership development, to create more fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces, and to manage gracefully through a process of successful transition.

Copyright. All rights reserved.

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